O troubled soul, beneath the rod

O troubled soul, beneath the rod
Thy Father speaks—be still, be still;
Learn to be silent unto God,
And let Him mold thee to His will.
  Be still, O troubled soul, be still;
Fear not, thy Father’s arms enfold thee.
Take up thy cross, lay down thy will;
  Be silent unto God, and let Him mold thee.
O anxious soul, lay down thy load,
Oh, hear His voice, He speaks to thee,
“Be still and know that I am God,
And cast thy every care on Me.”
O fearful soul, be still, be still,
Be of good cheer; has He not said,
“I will be with you, fear no ill,
’Tis I, ’tis I, be not afraid“?
O praying soul, be still, be still,
He cannot break His plighted word;
Sink down into His blessed will,
And wait in patience on the Lord.
O waiting soul, be still, be strong,
And though He tarry, trust and wait;
Doubt not, He will not wait too long,
Fear not, He will not come too late.
Toyin Diyan

London, United Kingdom

Hallelujah we are beneath the rod! Being transformed into his image.

Lord strengthen us to be still and know that You are God! When Your work is completed we would look exactly like You, like Your firstborn Son! Father we praise You for Your transforming work. Amen. Glory to You!

Dasha Chong

Round Rock, TX, United States

Sink down into His blessed will, and wait in patience on the Lord.

Lord teach me how to be silent unto Thee, fully captivated and constrained.


Orrstown, Pennsylvania, United States

The is no page 652 in my hymn book. Is it in Living Stream Ministry / Lord's Recovery?

It is a wonderful hymns how to turn from soulish to spirit.

Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

The hymn writer describes the soul in five different ways. It is so easy to react, and be active in the soul, and not hear the words which are spirit and are life. May I be one who sits at the Lord's feet, stop my soulish activity, and let His words reveal Himself to me.