Blest Father of glory, we worship

Blest Father of glory, we worship:
  Thy greatness surpasses our praise;
We bless Thee Thy Spirit within us
  Gives pow’r to these heavenly lays.
We think of the Man in Thy presence,
  Set down there, exalted as Head;
Once raised by the might of Thy power,
  When numbered along with the dead.
We think of the glory that chose us,
  ’Twas Thine, blessed Father, the Source;
The glory of love that redeemed us
  Through Jesus, the Man of Thy choice.
As marked out beforehand for sonship,
  We praise now the glory of grace
And bow in Thy presence and worship,
  As conscious, in Christ, of our place.
Ernest Hogan

Grangemouth, United Kingdom

Note that the Lyrics are designated as 'Unknown'. In fact, they were written by a Mr BM Deck, published in Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock, 1962.