Begone, unbelief

Begone, unbelief,
  My Savior is near,
And for my relief
  Will surely appear;
By prayer let me wrestle,
  And He will perform;
With Christ in the vessel,
  I smile at the storm.
Though dark be my way,
  Since He is my Guide,
’Tis mine to obey,
  ’Tis His to provide;
Though cisterns be broken,
  And creatures all fail,
The word He hath spoken
  Shall surely prevail.
His love, in time past,
  Forbids me to think
He’ll leave me at last
  In trouble to sink:
Each sweet Ebenezer
  I have in review
Confirms His good pleasure
  To help me quite through.
Why should I complain
  Of want or distress,
Temptation or pain?
  He told me no less;
The heirs of salvation,
  I know from His Word,
Through much tribulation
  Must follow their Lord.
How bitter that cup
  No heart can conceive,
Which He drank quite up,
  That sinners might live!
His way was much rougher
  And darker than mine;
Did Christ, my Lord, suffer,
  And shall I repine?
Since all that I meet
  Shall work for my good,
The bitter is sweet,
  The medicine, food;
Though painful at present,
  ’Twill cease before long,
And then, oh, how pleasant
  The conqueror’s song!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I love the note of confidence and certainty running through this hymn, for example, ‘He will perform’, ‘the word He has spoken shall surely prevail’, ‘confirms His good pleasure to help me quite through’ etc.

Lois Van Meter

Odessa, Texas, United States

I love this song


What a beautiful song!

Ayinde Akinsola

Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

I was in a mess on an office assignment and I lost my sleep & peace for like two weeks.

I was mandated to buy a Toyota Highlander Jeep for my MD from USA and handle the clearing. The Jeep got to Lagos but the Clearing Agent couldn't find it at Tincan to move out. At much efforts & Prayer, it seems I'm in the water in the office. We later found out the Jeep was transfered to a Bonded warehouse at a request by an unknown person.

By the Third week, I had a dream of seeing Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya (MFM - G. O) & he sang the song twice then I sang the third time till I opened my eyes in the mid night - Note, I don't know the wordens of the first stanza in real life but I woke up singing it perfectly. I continue singing it everywhere I moved that day

At exactly 1:00pm I received a call from the Agent that I should come & collect the Jeep.

I have make it my song any moment I remember now.

Praise God.


United States

Praise the Lord!

All that we meet shall work for our good!

The bitter is sweet, The medicine, food;

Though painful at present,

’Twill cease before long,

And then, oh, how pleasant

The conqueror’s song


Ezekiel Ussoro

Lagos, Victoria Island, Nigeria

A song for the downtrodden... each sweet Ebenezer I have in review... Thanks so much Lord Jesus always encouraging me when I doubt possibility of recovery


Joensuu, Finland

#BegoneUnbelief ..... 'tis mine to obey... 'tis His to provide! nothing more to say

Allen Palama

San Marcos, TX, United States

From the record of Matthew 11 we may conclude that our Lord is One who is doubted, blasphemed, and rejected. Now what would you do if, in your life and work, you too met with such an unfortunate chain of events perpetrated by the very people with whom you are associated? How could you help but be heartbroken and discouraged, judging that all is lost. Yet not so with our Lord. The Bible reports His attitude at that moment as being this:

“At that season Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou didst hide these things from the wise and understanding, and didst reveal them unto babes: yea, Father, for so it was well-pleasing in thy sight. ” “At that season” means at that particular moment, which is to say, that in the very environment in which He is so doubted, so blasphemed, and so rejected, our Lord is able to pray: “I thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth. ” There is no bitterness nor sorrow in His heart. He neither frets nor becomes angered. How about you and me, though? Could you and I still thank God even though we are being doubted, slandered, and rejected without cause? Here is a very deep lesson indeed: that we must thank God not only when we obtain something, or when our work prospers, or when we are being admired by many; we must learn to thank Him also when we are doubted, slandered, and rejected without cause. Can you and I thank Him under such an adverse situation? (Practical Issues of This Life, Watchman Nee)

Biodun Adeyemo

Omuooke, Ekiti, Nigeria

The lines that make this song a favourite

His Love In Time Past

Forbids Me To Think

He'll Leave At Last

In Trouble To Sink

Each Sweet Ebenezer

I have In Review

Confirms His Good Pleasure



Ablekuma, Accra, Ghana

Through this year 2019 this is my confession and anchor hymn; Begone unbelief. thank You Lord Jesus for everything.