We’re gathered here, O Lord, as Thy one Body

We’re gathered here, O Lord, as Thy one Body:
Though we be many, yet we all are one.
We share Thy life and own that we are members,
And thus within, in life we all are one.
  There is one Body in this universe,
And we express it here on earth;
We stand as one in each locality
  For all to see, for all to see.
There is one loaf, the symbol of Thy body:
’Twas broken so that all the saints may share.
We eat this bread and, as we are partaking,
Our actual oneness with all saints declare.
One bread, one cup are now upon the table,
Showing that we can be naught else but one.
Christ has redeemed us, made us His own Body:
What can we say but, “Amen, Lord, we’re one!”
We stand as one, and cannot be divided,
Because our oneness is of Christ alone.
We eat as one: one loaf, one cup partaking,
And thus our oneness visibly is shown.
Oh, what a joy to have this blessed oneness!
We sense that Thou, O Lord, art satisfied;
And we too share this blissful satisfaction—
Sweet foretaste of the Bridegroom with His Bride.
Amos kimani

Naivasha, Nakuru, Kenya

Hallelujah, we are many yet one Body. We are many nationalities yet one Body. What a miracle! Truly as one Body we appreciate the unlimited dimensions of Christ.


Nairobi, Kenya

It’s the mystery.. We are many yet one in Christ.

Tim Owens

Toledo, Ohio, United States

Amen Lord.

Even though we are many but in You we are One. Christ is the life: the church is the living!


Lizeth L

Redondo Beach, California, United States

I praise You Lord!!!


Atlanta, GA, United States

It's lit


Oh, what a joy to have this blessed oneness!

Colleen Williams

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Oh, what a joy to have this blessed oneness!

We are so blessed to be in the Body, to be many yet all be one! Praise the Lord for the oneness of the Body in Christ alone!

Joseph Long

Shanghai, China

oh what a joy!!!!

Joseph Long

Shanghai, China


Arnoel Manantan

Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, Philippines

There is one Body in this universe and we express it on earth.

The believers are supported with the power of Christ's resurrection in long-suffering, in the uniting bond of peace, and in all the positive needs for joining together and knitting together and for the rich supply of every joint and the operation in measure of each one part. This means that in the church life, we have to be one. You have to be joined to me and I have to be joined to you. In the Lord's recovery, all of the races with all the different colors—white, black, yellow, brown, and red—are blended together. The peoples of this earth are all so different. How could all these peoples be one Body? There is one Body in the universe, and we express it here on earth for all to see (see chorus of Hymns, #1107). We do not want people to see divisions or opinions. This is why we need to be joined together and knit together.

The only way we can be really one is by the application of the cross and the power of Christ's resurrection. His power of resurrection is sufficient for us. He gives us the cross to bear, but He also supports us with the power of His resurrection. It is in this way that we are transformed. Paul said that he desired to know Christ and the power of His resurrection that he might be conformed to Christ's death (Phil. 3:10). We should live and serve not by our natural power, but by the power of Christ's resurrection.