We gather together to eat the Lord’s supper

We gather together to eat the Lord’s supper:
By eating and drinking, our oneness we show.
His presence possessing, our oneness confessing,
’Tis thus we eat and drink, and His blessing we know.
We’re eating the bread of His body once broken
As now we’re enjoying His Body made one:
One loaf on the table—one Body, we’re able
To testify to all that the Lord’s made us one.
We also are drinking the cup of His blessing,
The church’s true fellowship of the Lord’s blood;
Redeemed by believing, all saints we’re receiving,
All those who through redemption have come unto God.
Oh, what can we say now except “Hallelujah!”
For such a reality given to us.
Thy blood we’re employing, Thy Body enjoying;
Thus Thou wilt have the church for Thyself glorious.
Paul C.

Austin, TX, United States

Oh! What can we say except Hallelujah! By Your precious blood we are enjoying the Body to build up Your heart's desire.

Sandra C

Pasadena, CA, United States

Enjoying this hymn this morning.

Roger Hsu

Alhambra, CA, United States

Oh, what can we say now except “Hallelujah! ”

For such a reality given to us.

Lord Jesus You are the reality we experience today!


Harlingen, TX, United States

Praise the Lord for His Body!

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States


Vanessa Carire

Tampa, Florida, United States



Austin, Texas, United States

A hymn beautiful in its simplicity yet profound in significance.


Does anyone know the brother or sister who wrote the lyrics of this lovely hymn? Would love to know if they have written others. Thank you.


Lakeland, FL, United States

This was just what I needed for tonight's devotion with my roommate. I became emotional in the Spirit when I first heard the piano notes. Great Holy Ghost tune. Amen.