As we’re sharing of the cup

As we’re sharing of the cup,
  How can we restrain our praise;
For the blood Thou shedd’st for us,
  Worth of which none can appraise.
O how precious is Thy blood!
  All our problems it resolves;
In Thine efficacious blood
  All our care and fear dissolves.
It is by this blood of worth
  The new testament was made;
For this better covenant,
  ’Tis a sure foundation laid.
We have been redeemed by God,
  Not with silver or with gold,
But, Lord, with Thy precious blood,
  Which Thy love doth e’er unfold.
For remission of our sins
  Thou hast shed Thy cleansing blood.
Which for us has fully met
  All the righteous claims of God.
Thou hast washed us from our sins
  In Thy pow’rful purging blood;
And our conscience purged by it,
  Thus to serve the living God.
By Thy separating blood,
  We have all been sanctified;
’Tis by Thy preserving blood
  Holiness is testified.
By Thy propitiating blood,
  We have all been justified;
’Tis by Thy redeeming blood
  God is fully satisfied.
Thru Thy blood shed on the cross,
  We are reconciled to God,
That the way to contact Him
  May in peace by us be trod.
By partaking of Thy blood,
  We have Thine eternal life;
In Thy blood and life received,
  We have rest, free from all strife.
Now, in heav’n Thy sprinkled blood
  Speaks for us of better things;
Under its defending pow’r
  We are kept from Satan’s stings.
By Thine overcoming blood,
  We defeat the enemy;
Over our accuser thus,
  We will have the victory.
Of Thy blood, for fellowship,
  We commune with all Thy saints;
Under its full covering,
  Our freed spirit never faints.
How can we exhaust, in words,
  The account of Thy dear blood;
We will need eternity
  To declare its boundless good.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Ana Lara

Storrs, Connecticut, United States

The music for this hymn was written by Herbert Henry Howard Booth. He was a Salvation Army officer, the third son of five children of William Booth and Catherine Booth- Mumford, (the founders of the Salvation Army), who later went on to serve as an independent evangelist. Herbert-Henry oversaw the Limelight Department which produced about 300 films of evangelistic content for the use of the Salvation Army. He was also the writer and director of Soldiers of the Cross, a multimedia production premiering in 1900 and touring internationally until 1920. The production consisted of film segments, (photographic glass filters), presented along with an evangelistic lecture and accompanied by a live orchestra. It included episodes from the life of Christ and stories of early Christian martyrs aimed at stirring up audiences into consecrating their lives to Jesus Christ.

Herbert, who was born in Penzance Cornwall, received little formal education, but became a student at Allesly Park College, and the Congregational Institute at Nottingham.

At the age of 20, Herbert began helping his sister Kate Booth build-up the Salvation Army in France. Two years later, he was given charge of England’s Cadet Officer Training. He wrote many songs for the Salvation Army, and became a band master and a songster leader.

In 1886, Herbert Booth took ill and went to Australia to rest and heal. While staying at a mining town there, he found a gold nugget. He eventually forged it into a ring for his future wife, Cornelia Schack, who was from the Netherlands.

Australian Dictionary of Biography vol. 7


Lagos, Nigeria

Lord Jesus we love you! You are the Reality of our being and meeting in Resurrection! Your blood qualifies us to partake of your Table! We thank and praise You Lord!!

Francis Y Chow

Anaheim, California, United States

We need eternity to declare the boundless love of Christ for us through His blood


Calgary, Canada


Patience Otoje

Okota, Lagos, Nigeria

Hallelujah for the preciousness of the Blood of Jesus Christ. This Blood makes the difference in our lives.

Shane Wong

Richmond, BC, Canada

As we partake of the Lord's supper, eating the bread and drinking the cup, I love how this song brings us into the deep realization of the significance of the Lord's blood. It is not enough to just know the blood of Jesus. We need to know the precious, substituting, efficacious, covenanting, cleansing, purging, separating, preserving, propitiating, redeeming, reconciling, defending, overcoming, covering blood. Truly, as stanza 7 says, we will need eternity to declare its boundless good.

Jane Otse

Lagos, Nigeria

I enjoy the hymn during the Lord's Table and it so wonderful to know that His Blood has fully met all the righteous claims of God. Praise the Lord.

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