Thou, Lord, to God art precious

Thou, Lord, to God art precious,
  His chosen, His delight;
With oil of joy, anointed,
  How comely in His sight.
  We treasure with affection
  Thy perfect comeliness,
Thy sweetness and Thy fragrance,
    And all Thy loveliness.
The altogether lovely,
  The fairest of the fair,
Thy mouth with grace o’erfloweth;
  Our hearts their love declare.
The wise men offered treasures
  And honored Thee at birth;
Thou wast by noble buried,
  Still lovable in death.
Thy head has been anointed,
  The lovely One Thou art;
Thy feet anointed also,
  Beloved in every part.
Thy death as myrrh in sweetness
  Man’s spirit comforteth;
Thy resurrection fragrance
  God’s longing answereth.
As henna flow’rs, Thy beauty
  In loveliness complete;
As apple trees that flourish,
  Thy fruit abundant, sweet.
Sweet wine Thy love surpasseth,
  Thy name an ointment is;
We take Thee as our love feast
  And taste the sweetest bliss.
As on Thyself we ponder
  And all Thy beauty trace,
We taste to full Thy sweetness
  And rest in Thine embrace.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Christopher Burk

Seattle, Washington, United States

Thy head has been anointed, The lovely One Thou art; Thy feet anointed also, Beloved in every part.


Chidiebere Ezeka

Lagos, Nigeria

Oh Lord, you're precious, and I love for coming for me.

Sister Sue


Oh Lord, I love you! I treasure your life giving spirit. Thank you for your coming to love me!


Rohnert Park, CA, United States

"The more we tell the Lord that we love Him, the more He will show us how lovely He is until we realize that He is altogether lovely."



God is precious, nothing can compete with Him, He is our best love. I love You more and more each day. Lord, thank You for Your everlasting love.

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