As we’re sharing of the cup

Patience Otoje

Okota, Lagos, Nigeria

Hallelujah for the preciousness of the Blood of Jesus Christ. This Blood makes the difference in our lives.

Shane Wong

Richmond, BC, Canada

As we partake of the Lord's supper, eating the bread and drinking the cup, I love how this song brings us into the deep realization of the significance of the Lord's blood. It is not enough to just know the blood of Jesus. We need to know the precious, substituting, efficacious, covenanting, cleansing, purging, separating, preserving, propitiating, redeeming, reconciling, defending, overcoming, covering blood. Truly, as stanza 7 says, we will need eternity to declare its boundless good.

Jane Otse

Lagos, Nigeria

I enjoy the hymn during the Lord's Table and it so wonderful to know that His Blood has fully met all the righteous claims of God. Praise the Lord.