Lord, You are the living spring

Lord, You are the living spring,
The river of water of life;
Only You can quench my thirst;
Only You satisfy.
Lord, You are the living tree,
You are the Tree of Life;
Only You can fill my hunger;
Only You satisfy.
  Every moment in so many ways
He is the sure supply;
Now and forever and always,
Only You satisfy.
Lord, You are the living vine,
In You we would abide;
Only You give life divine;
Only You satisfy.
So we must praise
And we must sing,
And we must testify;
Lord, You are the only One;
Only You satisfy.

United States

Lord, only You satisfy

Chloe Adkins

Knoxville, TN, United States

“Lord, You are the living spring, Only you can quench my thirst; Lord You are the living tree, only You can fill my hunger; only You satisfy. ”Amen! Thank You Lord that only You can satisfy our hunger and quench our thirst!


Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Only the Living Tree and and the Living Spring and the River of Water of Life can satisfy. We sing , we praise and we testify Hallelujah!



Only Jesus satisfies!

Andrew Tijerina

Austin, Texas, United States

Thank you Lord you are our true satisfaction.

Allen In Christ


Only you satisfy.

Liliana Ortiz

Missouri, Texas, United States

Only You satisfy therefore

We must praise

We must sing

We must testify


Harvest, Alabama, United States

Amen, Lord, You satisfy!



Lord Jesus, You are the only One. Only You satisfy. Amen.


Los Angeles, CA, United States

Thank You Lord only You satisfy!