Our hearts are overflowing

Our hearts are overflowing
  To speak a goodly thing—
To tell what we’ve experienced
  Of our exalted King.
Our tongues as pens are ready,
  We’ve volumes here to “write”—
The glories of our Bridegroom,
  Our Lord and our delight.
Lord Jesus, Thou art fairer
  Than all the sons of men;
Thy goodness is transcendent—
  Hallelujah! Amen!
Upon Thy lips most holy
  Abundant grace is poured;
Forever God has blessed Thee,
  Our gracious, glorious Lord!
Thou art the mighty Warrior
  Who rides to victory;
In Thy majestic glory
  Ride on triumphantly!
The peoples fall beneath Thee—
  The conquering One Thou art.
Thine arrows in their sharpness
  Have entered Satan’s heart!
Thy throne, O God, forever
  And ever shall endure;
The sceptre of Thy kingdom
  Upon the earth is sure.
’Tis with the oil of gladness
  God has anointed Thee
Above all Thy companions—
  How worthy there to be!
Of aloes, myrrh, and cassia
  Do all Thy garments smell:
Thy death and resurrection
  Do all Thy deeds forthtell.
Out of the local churches
  Shall praises make Thee glad,
And praises upon praises
  Thy joyful saints shall add.
Benjamin Sia


Oh Lord Jesus!

Jon Tibbetts

Harvest, AL, United States

Out of the local churches

Shall praises make Thee glad,

And praises upon praises

Thy joyful saints shall add!!!



Elk Grove, Idaho, United States Minor Outlying Islands

Oh Lord Jesus! Praise Him!

李 菲 麗

NC, United States

This hymn has deepen my praising spirit to and for the Lord: praising Christ as the King: (1) in His fairness, Christ is fairer than the sons of men (Psalm 45:1-2); (2) in His victory (Psalm 45:3-5); (3) in His kingdom (Psalm 45:6-7); (4) in the sweetness of His virtues (Psalm 45:8); (5) in the praising of the queen with the daughters of kings among the king's most prized (honorable) women and the virgins, the queen's companions (Psalm 45:9-15); (6) in the praising of His sons, His descendants (Psalm 45:16-17)-- from Crystallization of the Psalms (1) Message 7. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!

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