Songs that were recently commented on

All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name (Medium) Praise of the Lord
I like the song God bless you
Draw me, dear Lord Longings
And though everything may fall apart Or everything go my way, It doesn’t really matter, Lord, As long as I…
Come, Lord Jesus Longings
Amen come Lord Jesus
We gather together to eat the Lord's supper Praise of the Lord
We sang this hymn in the Lord’s Table Meeting via Zoom! Praise the Lord! “His presence possessing, our oneness confessing!... Oh, what can…
There is a fountain filled with blood Gospel
Great song like Rivers of Living Waters started flowing out of my belly just now. God has spoken to me in this song richly and I am…
O let us rejoice in the Lord evermore Comfort in Trials
Joy is the fountain of healing! Oh Lord heal our land!
Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus Experience of Christ
This song was tuned in my spirit when I was planning my wedding, it was the processional hymn. Indeed it is so sweet to trust in Jesus, I…
Jesus Lord, I'm captured by Thy beauty Experience of Christ
Lord Jesus capture me more and more each day!
And can it be that I should gain Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Oh! How I love this song since I came across it in the 1970's. "My chains fell off and my heart was free... Bold I…
Jehovah, the Great I Am Praise of the Lord
Holy breath, dispecing, now is Jesus the Son. Amen...
Someone Encouragement
Christ is LOVE. I love you ❤️ my Lord unconditionally as he loves me.
I need Thee every hour Longings
Lord help me not run to you when the storms of life come and the tribulations surround me. Help me see that without you I am left to my own …
Trust and obey Experience of Christ
God is not a man that He should fail. He keeps His covenant with us, only if we can trust and obey, every other thing shall be added.
I Want to Follow Him Consecration
Oh Lord we want to follow You and answer Your call we don't know where or how You lead us just want to hear Your voice and now it's our…
Turn your eyes upon Jesus Encouragement
Matthew 14: 28-33 We can do amazing things if we KEEP our eyes on Jesus ! "In the Light of His glory and grace" .....