Do You Love Me?

After breakfast on the seashore,
Jesus set about to restore
Peter’s love, that he would henceforth
Not trust himself,
He committed some big failures,
Three times denying the Savior,
Then leading others to waiver,
Yet Jesus said...
  Do you love me? Feed my lambs,
Do you love me? Shepherd my sheep,
Do you love me?
Then give My sheep something to eat.
We, like Peter, all have stumbled,
Such defeats make our strength crumble,
Our once proud hearts become humble,
We are so low,
In these moments the Lord comes in,
Seeking our love and affection,
As we listen, we can hear Him
Saying to us...
In these days the Lord is hindered
Because of a lack of shepherds
Who dispense the milk of the Word
To the lost sheep,
He needs man’s cooperation,
To let Him shepherd from within,
Will you be one who is open
And say to Him...
  Lord, I love You! I’ll feed Your lambs,
Lord I love You! I’ll shepherd Your sheep,
Lord I love You!
I’ll give Your sheep something to eat.
Ira Hsu

United States

This song touched me deeply. If I have a favorite chapter in the Bible, it's John 21. Thank you for sharing this!


Austin, Texas, United States

Lord I love You!! I’ll feed Your lambs!


Salem, Oregon, United States

Restore our hearts Lord, to feed and shepherd the others that belong to You, just as You have taken care of us in Your shepherding, restoring love! We love You!

Samuel Chyu

Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, United States

Amen! Lord, I Love You!