I have come to the Fountain of Life

I have come to the Fountain of Life,
A fountain that flows from above;
I have passed from the waters of strife
And come to the Elim of love;
I have drunk of the heavenly well,
In the depths of my being it springs.
No mortal can measure or tell
The gladness the Comforter brings.
  Oh, come to the Fountain of Life,
The fountain that never runs dry;
Oh, drink of the boundless supply,
  For Christ is the Fountain of Life.
I have come to the Fountain of Blood
That for guilt and uncleanness doth flow;
I have washed in its sin-cleansing flood
And my garments are whiter than snow.
I count not my righteousness mine—
’Tis Jesus that lives in my soul.
I partake of His nature divine,
And in Him I am perfectly whole.
I have come to the Fountain of Health,
A boundless and endless supply;
’Tis a secret man’s wisdom or wealth
Can never discover or buy.
But the secret my Lord hath revealed
In the fountain that flows from His side,
In the stripes by whose pain we are healed,
In Himself as He comes to abide.
I have come to the Fountain of Joy;
His joy is the strength of my heart.
My delight is unmixed with alloy,
My sunshine can never depart.
The fig tree may wither and die,
Earth’s pleasures and prospects decline;
But my fountains can never be dry—
My portion, my joy is divine.



Jeanne Davies

Round Rock, TX, United States

I have come to the fountain of Love,

He fills all the springs of my heart,

And enthroned there, all others above,

Our friendship no power can part;

And so long as the fountain is full,

The streams without measure must flow,

And the love that he pours in my soul

To others in blessing must go.

This verse from 1936 "Hymns of the Christian Life".


Los Angeles, California, United States

’Tis a secret man’s wisdom or wealth can never discover or buy.

Christ is the Fountain of Life!

Glory Jung

Cypress, CA, United States

He is the Fountain of Health!



Ana Lara

Tolland, Connecticut, United States

This hymn by A. B. Simpson is brilliantly composed with each stanza having a biblical verse as its content.

The first stanza “I have come to the fountain of Life” Revelation 21:6b “ I will give to him who thirsts from the spring of water of life freely”

The second stanza-“ I have come to the fountain of Blood” is from Exodus 12:7”And they shall take some of the blood and put it on the two door posts and on the lintel of the houses in which they eat it”

3rd stanza -“ I have come to the fountain of Health “Isaiah 53:5b “And by His stripes we are healed”

4th- “ I have come to the fountain of Joy” Jeremiah 15:16-“Thy Word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart “

Anjel Morgan

Edinburg, TX, United States

We have a fountain of life in our spirit! We just have to open our being to Him, and let Him flow all He is to us!


Calgary, Canada


Robert Pineda

New York City, NY, United States

Drawn to this beautiful hymn, I began to sing it, even as I marveled at its beauty. "Who wrote it?" I wondered, only to discovered that it was one of A. B. Simpson's hymns. The same AB Simpson who founded Nyack college and the C&MA. His sweetness of spirit is carried over and felt in this precious hymn. May we also drink of such Fountain.

Cody Enderli

San Marcos, TX, United States

Praise Him that we can come to:

The Fountain of Life

The Fountain of Blood

The Fountain of Health

The Fountain of Joy and that Fountain is the All Inclusive Christ!