Songs that were recently commented on

Praise the Lord, God sent His Son Gospel
Praise the Lord, God sent His Son, Hallelujah! And salvation’s work was done, Glory to God!
Great is Thy faithfulness Worship of the Father
This hymn reminded me and keeps reminding me of God’s GREAT faithfulness to us all. My brother was admitted to hospital this year with Pn…
He Hideth My Soul Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Here in this song, what a wonderful reminder of how He covers us with His great hands. There’s nothing to fear when I know He covers me.
Oh, blow upon us, Lord, while here we wait on Thee Fulness of the Spirit
Thank for sharing this testimony :)
Father, to us Thy mercy Thou hast shown Worship of the Father
“ And in Thy mercy, with Thee face to face, We’ll e’er remain; ”
O God, our help in ages past Experience of God
Woke up at 5. 10am with words going through my mind " Sufficient in Thine arm alone, And our defence is sure ". Then read all the verses…
Drink! A river pure and clear that's flowing from the throne Experience of Christ
‘O Lord Amen Hallelujah! ’ Jesus is so sweet!
Waters to Swim in Fulness of the Spirit
Hallelujah! River flowing free! Have your way in me!
Nothing between my soul and the Savior Longings
This hymns give me strength to defeat the devil, it gives much hope in Jesus Christ
My God, my Portion, and my Love Experience of God
O what a joy to have You Father God ! My God, my portion, my love and my everlasting joy ! There is nothing compare to Thee !
Thou, Father, who art Spirit true Worship of the Father
In truth upon thee call!
With praise and thanksgiving there Praise of the Lord
Fear not, I am with thee Comfort in Trials
Lighting up my way!
Tremendous news! How marvellous! Gospel
How marvelous!
O Jesus, I have promised Consecration
When ever I sing this song I feel as if a great burden has been lifted off my back, I feel relief, I feel God is with me and if I follow…
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms Experience of Christ
I remember this song from my youth. I haven't thought of it in decades, until this morning! I am grateful for the memory and this resource, …
Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing pow'r Gospel
Christ Jesus! Let your cleansing power purify our spirits, souls and bodies. Remove our filthy robes of sins and give us your saintly robes.
Rejoice, the Lord is King Praise of the Lord
Rejoice again, I say rejoice. This is the song in my heart and on my lips as I woke up this morning for my devotion. I just had to Google…
Open my eyes that I may see Study of the Word
When I was in 1st grade I had this wonderful Grandmotherly type teacher her name was Mrs. Letterman. After we said the pledge of Allegiance …
Rock of Ages, cleft for me Gospel
Great song for praising him. 😇