Songs that were recently commented on

Seek ye first Scriptures for Singing
We love this song! Warm greetings to brothers and sisters around the globe. May you be blessed!
Do You Love Me? Experience of Christ
Amen!! ⤵️
Immortal, invisible, God only wise Worship of the Father
O God, our help in ages past Experience of God
I have also prayed for you today, lady from Miami, that you will know Gods complete healing and his blessings in your life.
Glory be to God the Father Blessing of the Trinity
Glory be to God the Father, And to Christ the Son, Glory to the Holy Spirit— Ever One.
What love Thou hast bestowed on us Worship of the Father
Praise unceasingly
We praise Thee, O God Worship of the Father
We love You Lord Jesus!!!!!!!!!
Amazing words!—He 'gave Himself for me Praise of the Lord
Rock of Ages, cleft for me Gospel
Lord let me hide myself in thee cause it is very safe for me🙏
I am so glad that our Father in heav'n Assurance and Joy of Salvation
The chorus kept ringing in my heart though I know not the stanzas and I'm yet to recover from it. I am so glad that Jesus loves me…
I must tell Jesus all of my trials Prayer
I heard this song last year December and since then, any difficult moments I encountered, the song has been an encouragement to tell…
My hope is built on nothing less Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Only Christ is the stone which the builder rejected and had become the cornerstone, he is nail in the sure place, the only reason for our…
We're gathered here, O Lord, as Thy one Body Praise of the Lord
Beautiful perfect lovely love you Lord
There's not a Friend like the lowly Jesus Gospel
This song gives me strength, hope and Joy each time I feel like all hope is gone, boom Jesus Shows up. So comforting and edifying
Blessed assurance Assurance and Joy of Salvation
I absolutely love this song 🎵🎶
O what a miracle, my Lord Praise of the Lord
Ohh Lord
I will sing the wondrous story Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Then He will bear me safety over where the loved ones I shall meet. Oh God help me to witness this in your kingdom on that day.
Alas, and did my Savior bleed Gospel
I just woke up from a dream singing thins song but not knowing all the lines, another lady joined me in that dream to sing it. It felt so…
Great Searchings of Heart Consecration
The people who know their God will raise up and take action. We must set our heart on HIM. Give up the world realize the putting to death…
What things were gains to me Experience of Christ
I liked the hymn very much!!! 🤓🤓❤