Songs that were recently commented on

Make Me One with You Union with Christ
In all the ordinary things of life, Lord, make me always one with You. ❤️ We love You dear Lord Jesus.
There is a green hill far away Gospel
I learnt this song in Lower Primary School when the Reverend would come to our school on Fridays mid morning. We would assemble and he…
Lord Jesus, draw me Longings
It would be unfair not to leave a comment related to this song, after having heard and enjoyed it. Thank You Lord Jesus. Increase the…
I'm so attracted by Your love Experience of Christ
I enjoyed this song this morning, it's so sweet to tell the Lord we love Him! As we declare our love to Him, He increases our capacity to…
Break Thou the Bread of Life Study of the Word
I love the way Holy Spirit reminds me of song lyrics like these just when I need those very words. And grateful thoughts to my Godly…
Immersed in Thy love Experience of Christ
Now I seize this opportunity to say that I love You Lord, I will be with You, all my days, come what may 🥰
Dearest Lord, You've called us here The Church
Hallelujah, praise the Lord,
Conquering now and still to conquer Spiritual Warfare
Who is this wonderful King? Whence are the armies which He lead while of His glory they sing?
Fill My Cup, Lord Experience of Christ
This runs deep in my veins. It is so true that in spite of all the earthly things that we strive for, our desires are never truly…
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms Experience of Christ
This lyrics just runs in my mind both day and night thank God that I have finally got it here.
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow Blessing of the Trinity
Yes, like the words of a recent comment. The LORD blessed me with this song this morning which I hadn't sung in 50 years. Praise the LORD.