Since long ago at Bethany we parted

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Come, come and answer now this mighty, corporate cry!!

James and Marilyn Caple

Newton, NJ, United States

Oh Lord Jesus, orchestrate the necessary circumstances in the lives of Your Own that will birth and grow this "mighty corporate cry" in this generation! Come Lord Jesus!!! We ache and long for Your appearing!!!

William Jeng

United States

Lord, make us ready for Your coming. Lord, we say that we don't belong to this age, we are just sojourners seeking for a better country - the next age the kingdom age! We don't LIVE for eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage; we LIVE for Christ!

John Alexander Díaz


Tu cruz de mi alma, despojó el placer...

Thy cross strips earthly pleasures from my soul


beautiful hymn

Diwani Fenwick

Surrey, British Columbia

I just love this hymn so much! Every time I sing this song I just want the Lord to come back! Lord Jesus we love You!! We are awaiting Your return Lord. Do whatever You need to do in us so You can come back to take us with for Your satisfaction! Amen!!

Nancy Goss

Falls Church, VA, United States

I love even though I don't get to it much. It is amazing what can be done with technology these days.... Wasn't the Atlanta conference wonderful!!!

This hymn is so beautiful. Lord we too long for Your return and to be ready to meet You!

Charles Hennessy

Tucson, AZ, United States

A brother in a conference in the summer of 1972 expressed the desire to meet the Lord at the "foot of the Mount of Olives." When we include this song in a conference held in the city of Jerusalem and we all sing it, all 144,000 participants, maybe He will return! "What a meeting, what a meeting./What a meeting any moment we will share." (H1313 Chorus)

Michael Cofino

Miami, Florida, United States

This hymn is so precious! It makes the Lord Jesus so much more real to me. Also I'm so encouraged to see all the comments from all over the world, but yet there is one, unique longing for the Lord. This makes me praise the Lord for the Body of Christ.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

This song brings me back to the right perspective for this life. I am a stranger and sojourner longing for My Lord to return. Even though I have the Lord's presence now, this energizes me to long for the full taste of His glorious return. This song inspires me to pray for the Lord to return and for the Lord to accomplish what needs to be done so He can return.