Can I forget the coming Lord

Can I forget the coming Lord?
No! My heart for His face now longs;
For this I plead the Father God,
To Him I sing my morning songs.
  Oh come, dearest Lord!
Come, my Lord! Oh come, my King!
Can I forget my watch to keep?
No! My heart for Him must awake;
To miss the rapture is my fear,
And of this blinding world partake.
Can I unite with this dark age?
No! He is calling from above.
May I forsake all worldly things,
Desire my Savior with my love.
Daily may I in spirit walk,
Daily His pow’r of life partake,
Watching and waiting till He comes,
Ready for Him, all else forsake.
Daily persisting, standing firm,
I would not fear the enemy.
The gates of hell cannot prevail;
God’s Christ will soon rule mightily.
Can I forget His promise firm?
To Him I call though earth be moved.
May He perfect the faith He gives,
Without delay, His word be proved.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.