What made You die for me

What made You, Lord, to die for me?
Why would You die for me, Your enemy?
You took my place to hang on a tree,
To be a curse, a curse for me.
  What made You die for me?
I was Your enemy.
Lord, You became a curse for me.
Oh, what a mystery!
My God, You died for me!
You died for me, Your enemy.
I never thought that You would be
So full of love and tender mercy.
How could You love a person like me?
You loved me, dear Jesus, Your enemy.
You loved me, Lord, so very long;
And with a love enduring and strong.
Although I mocked and cursed You so long,
You waited and prayed for me all along.
I was a man who was just sin,
Which issued in a life full of sins.
My heart toward You was in rebellion,
But, Lord, You touched me with Your compassion.
  Your love has conquered me,
Even Your enemy.
In love, dear Lord, You came to me.
Nothing could change me
But love and mercy.
Your love, dear Lord, has conquered me.
One little turn and You were there,
Waiting for me with Your loving care.
How could I still remain Your enemy?
Your love, dear Jesus, disarmed me.
Lucy Michener

New York, NY, United States

It is a sweet loving hymn which just wanted to cry because I am such sinner that made Him die for me! O what love that reaches me even me! May such LOVE reach many more sinners!!!

Joe Syh

Shreveport, LA, United States

As a martyr Lord You suffered persecution under the hand of man. As our Redeemer Lord You suffered judgment for us who are your enemy under the hand of God. Lord Thank You and Thank You.

Grace Lee

Anaheim, CA, United States

Thank you Lord for dying for our sins!

Lord, You became a curse for me.

your Love has concurred me

This touched me ❤️

Deyanira Andrade

Irving, Texas, United States

Hi, exist this hymn in Spanish?


Your love has conquered me, tu amor me a conquistado

Even Your enemy. Aunque yo tu enemigo

In love, dear Lord, You came to me. En amor precioso Señor Tu venistes a mi

Nothing could change me Nada me podia cambiar

But love and mercy. Solo amor y mesericordia

Your love, dear Lord, has conquered me Tu amor precioso Señor me a conquistado

Brian Paniagua

San Antonio, Texas, United States

What a mystery that You died for me! You took on humanity and now Your enduring love has conquered me. You’ve gained your country girl, your bride. Thank You Lord Jesus

Stephen Bellingham

Irvine, CA, United States

Simple. Yet so profound.

William Wong

United States

Wow what a song!

Sister Vali

Tirane, Albania

Lord, You became a curse for me.

your Love has concurred me

This touched me ❤️

Piripi Mihaka

Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

Amen Lord Jesus... thank You for giving Your Divine Life to us sinners that we may be Your match, Your Bride we do not know Your Love for us Lord all we can do is believe Your Word and submit to Your Authority so we may be subdued, Transformed, and conformed totally saturated and permeated with You, Lord daily we take the staff, eat You as our Manna and drink of You Living Springs welling up in us Flowing from the Throne that others may know You build up the Body to turn this Age and bring You home..... Jesus is Lord...