What can wash away my sin

What can wash away my sin?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
What can make me whole again?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
  Oh! precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow;
No other fount I know,
  Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
For my cleansing this I see—
Nothing but the blood of Jesus!
For my pardon this my plea—
Nothing but the blood of Jesus!
Nothing can my sin erase
Nothing but the blood of Jesus!
Naught of works, ’tis all of grace—
Nothing but the blood of Jesus!
This is all my hope and peace—
Nothing but the blood of Jesus!
This is all my righteousness—
Nothing but the blood of Jesus!
Ryan Danek

It's all grace.



It's not of works - it's all of grace! Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Praise God for providing the way for us to come to Him.

Stuart Rosen

Matthews, North Carolina, United States

Thanks for making this site. This has been an absolute blessing. Thank You Jesus for all You have done and continue to do.

Bro Okunbor Hycent

Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

This song just brought tears in my eyes. Reminding me the love of God.

Barry Chant

Miranda, NSW, Australia

For ages I have wanted to comment on Robert Lowry's popular hymn Nothing but the Blood of Jesus. There is a question about whether the Bible itself ever talks of being 'washed' in the blood (in Rev 1:5 the verb is better translated 'loosed' or 'freed'). But my point here is a wistful sadness that the word 'sin' is so often used in the first line rather than 'stain'. There is evidence that the latter was Lowry's choice. Of course it rhymes better with 'again' in the third line. But more to the point, it is such a colourful word. How easily we can picture the ugly stain of sin blackening our lives like a huge ink-spill. What a pity the more common but less pointed word 'sin' is so often used. Of course, both terms are theologically correct. But the charm of poetry is largely that it can create images that make us envision things in a new and vivid way. Language is one great gift God has given us that separates us from the rest of creation. It is important to make full use of its marvellous potential. It is also worth lamenting that one modern update of the song uses the lazy term 'gonna' more than once. If you are wondering what on earth I am on about, and how creative and beautiful language can evoke an indescribable deep yearning and incomparable inward delight in the human soul, don't worry. Just turn the TV back on.

Ven.Dr. Kunle Obadina

Ilaro, Ogun, Nigeria

This hymn summarizes the authenticity of Christianity and its supremacy over other religions. It is Ephesians 2: 8 & 9 in song. God absolve my sins and yours only the supreme work of atonement on the Calvary. What a great privilege to be His son. God bless you as you meditate and sing this song.

Areola John Bayo

Ogbomoso, Oyo, Nigeria

If you are called a Christian or you have a Christian name does not guarantee heaven but you acknowledging the saving power and the significance of the blood of Jesus.

Let us continually give room for Jesus in our heart.This hymn will continually be my heart cry, Amen.

Ruby Watson

Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom

This is such a beautiful hymn. The words are so true that the blood of Jesus gives life, it heals and washes away the very thing that keeps us separated from God, our creator. Have you ever considered accepting the fact that Jesus is the son of God and you need, Jesus to help you in your life on a daily basis? Why not take time to think about that now and ask Jesus into your life if you feel that He can help you to live a much more meaningful life than you are now.

May you find spending time talking to Jesus a comfort as I do.

Ruby Watson

Akugbe Ogboe Vincent

Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Oh the blood of Jesus that was shed over 2000 years ago on the cross to redeem me from all slain of the enemy Satan, from day to day, It will never lose its power, it reaches to the highest mountain and flows to the deepest valley, from day to day, it will never lose its powers....

Edidiong Isong Udoh

Ph, Rivers States, Nigeria

Apart from the cleansing power and forgiveness offered by the blood of Jesus. One night I was praying with a friend the Lord opened his eyes and he saw a demon in a corner of the room as I plead the blood of Jesus the demon vanished. Praise God there is power in the blood. The bible says and they overcame him the devil by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. When the blood is pleaded out of a pure heart as and faith filled heart it protects, dismiss evil presence. Some churches had been deceived by saying where do see the blood? The blood of Jesus is the very life of Christ and so when you plead if you are invoking the life of Christ into manifestations. Wherever there is a manifested presence of Christ Jesus Eden can be found, health is restored peace and security, quietness etc is found thank God for the precious blood of Jesus it's the redeeming blood plead it by faith anywhere anytime anyhow amen