What made You die for me

What made You, Lord, to die for me?
Why would You die for me, Your enemy?
You took my place to hang on a tree,
To be a curse, a curse for me.
  What made You die for me?
I was Your enemy.
Lord, You became a curse for me.
Oh, what a mystery!
My God, You died for me!
You died for me, Your enemy.
I never thought that You would be
So full of love and tender mercy.
How could You love a person like me?
You loved me, dear Jesus, Your enemy.
You loved me, Lord, so very long;
And with a love enduring and strong.
Although I mocked and cursed You so long,
You waited and prayed for me all along.
I was a man who was just sin,
Which issued in a life full of sins.
My heart toward You was in rebellion,
But, Lord, You touched me with Your compassion.
  Your love has conquered me,
Even Your enemy.
In love, dear Lord, You came to me.
Nothing could change me
But love and mercy.
Your love, dear Lord, has conquered me.
One little turn and You were there,
Waiting for me with Your loving care.
How could I still remain Your enemy?
Your love, dear Jesus, disarmed me.
Eddie J Lin




United States

The Lord is the boss!!!


Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines

Amen, praise the Lord! Hallelujah! :)


Tampa, United States

Oh what a mystery, MY GOD You died for me. Oh que misterio MI DIOS tu moriste por mi.A pesar de que fuimos los enemigos de Dios, Cristo intersedia por nosotros ante Dios y nos reconsilio con el mismo por su muerte todo inclusuiva.OH SENOR TE AMO TU ESTRECHASTE TUS BRAZOS Y MORISTE POR NOSOTROS.

Peter Bibit

Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

What made You died for us your enemy. Your love disarmed us.

Andrev Carido

Bacoor City, Cavite, Philippines

Your love has conquered me.



In relation to the first two lines of the last verse: "One little turn and You were there, waiting for me with Your loving care."

The point here is this: the Savior knows where the sinner is. He knows the sinner's true situation. The Lord Jesus went to the well, sent all of His disciples away, and sat by the well, waiting until the woman came. If you look back into your salvation, you will realize that, to some extent at least, the same principle was operating. You did not go to heaven - the Lord came to you. He came down to the very place where you were. I was born in China, but the Lord Jesus went there. One day He was waiting for me at a certain place, and I was caught by Him. What about you? You did not go to meet the Savior, did you? The Savior came to you. Some have been saved as a result of an automobile accident. Nevertheless, they must realize that before the accident occurred, the Lord Jesus was already waiting to meet them. We all were saved in this way. This is marvelous.

(Life Study of John - Message 11, page 137)

Elijah Hisownkid

Greater London, United Kingdom

beautiful, The Lord is Beautiful.


Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

He died for me not only to save me but also for me to enjoy Him and become the same as He is.....O what a mercy! His love has conquered me... Being in the Lord is a wonderful experience...How I love the Lord...Hallelujah!

Rixy Perez

Stann Creek, Belize

Nestro Senor JesuCristo murio por nuestros pecados. veo el amor tan grande de El, nos amo hasta ofrecer su vida por nuestra redencion.... Senor Jesus, te sigo amando mas y mas..