I am coming to the cross

I am coming to the cross;
I am poor, and weak, and blind;
I am counting all but dross;
I shall full salvation find.
  I am trusting, Lord, in Thee,
Blessed Lamb of Calvary;
Humbly at Thy cross I bow,
  Save me, Jesus, save me now.
Long my heart has sighed for Thee;
Long has evil dwelt within;
Jesus sweetly speaks to me,
“I will cleanse you from all sin.
Here I give my all to Thee—
Friends and time and earthly store,
Soul and body Thine to be—
Wholly Thine forevermore.
In the promises I trust;
Now I feel the blood applied;
I am prostrate in the dust;
I with Christ am crucified.

Kaduna, Nigeria

So soft yet so beautiful.... I love to sing this with grace it speaks of how I need the Lord

Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Jesus Comes! He fills my soul!

Perfected in Him I am;

Every whit made whole:

Glory, glory to the Lamb!


도보, 말루쿠, Indonesia

Thank you for everything Jesus❤

Tony Munyui

Kiambu, Kenya

I first heard the words of this song at the Anglican Cathedral of St. James in Kiambu. They have really been a blessing to my heart.


Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Please help me Lord.. I need you.. humbly at thy feet u bow.. Save me Yeshua.. Save me now..

Thank you Lord for saving grace.. and cleansing me from my sins.

Carol Gann

Ringgold, GA, United States

I love these words. Help us, Lord to draw close to You

Nginga Murumba

Nairobi, Kenya

I had being experiencing hardships in trying to balance between my faith and worldly preasures but I found that mostly I was taken by the world. But not until I read this hymn that I decided to dedicate my life fully to serving Christ for it says,"I will cleanse you from all sins." Blessed!


Thank you Lord for everything I love you

Linda Mair

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Praise God this is what He wants of us ..... and causing us to want also


Nairobi, Kenya

What an awesome song.