Why was a cup made?

Why was a cup made?
To have a drink inside it.
Why was a shoe made?
To have a foot inside it.
Why was an envelope made?
To have a letter inside it.
Why were you and I made?
To have God’s life in us.
Why was a glove made?
To have a hand inside it.
Why was a purse made?
To have some coins inside it.
Why was a flower vase made?
To have some flowers inside it.
Why were you and I made?
To have God’s life in us.
Lore Bandolon


Nice song. We will teach this tomorrow in the children's meeting. Amen.

Janna Alpes

Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

Amen. Very nice song and easy to learn.

Carmi Chiong


Simple and yet so beautiful song for kids. Thank You, Lord, for revealing what our life is for!


Shanghai, China

I like the song. Praise God.

Jeremiah And Julia

NY, United States

This song makes me feel that my vessel is filled up. ~Jeremiah. This song makes me so joyful. I like the part that says "Why were you and I made? To have God's life in us". ~Julia.

Alex Rojo

Houston, TX

This is a good song. It helps children.

Tristan Chai

Singapore, Singapore

I like this song because it has a lot of meaning. We learn why we were made.

Sis Alpa

Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

Praise the Lord! We were made to have God's life in us.

wendy risso

Rockville, Maryland, United States

I am 13 and I really value this song. It's so full of meaning. Amen, we were made for a purpose.

Eric Matsumoto

Elk Grove, CA, United States

My kids love this song, and I have come to appreciate it much more recently as we have begun to sing it in the car from the Hymns Jr CD! In a simple way, it shows us something quite deep about who Jesus Christ is--God mingled with man (Hand fully in and one with the glove), and who we are--man mingled with God (Hand gradually getting into the glove and the two becoming one)! Thank Him for the spiritual songs like this one at Hymnal.net that can be enjoyed at different levels.