What made You die for me

What made You, Lord, to die for me?
Why would You die for me, Your enemy?
You took my place to hang on a tree,
To be a curse, a curse for me.
  What made You die for me?
I was Your enemy.
Lord, You became a curse for me.
Oh, what a mystery!
My God, You died for me!
You died for me, Your enemy.
I never thought that You would be
So full of love and tender mercy.
How could You love a person like me?
You loved me, dear Jesus, Your enemy.
You loved me, Lord, so very long;
And with a love enduring and strong.
Although I mocked and cursed You so long,
You waited and prayed for me all along.
I was a man who was just sin,
Which issued in a life full of sins.
My heart toward You was in rebellion,
But, Lord, You touched me with Your compassion.
  Your love has conquered me,
Even Your enemy.
In love, dear Lord, You came to me.
Nothing could change me
But love and mercy.
Your love, dear Lord, has conquered me.
One little turn and You were there,
Waiting for me with Your loving care.
How could I still remain Your enemy?
Your love, dear Jesus, disarmed me.
Rabindranath S. Polito

Iligan City, Philippines

This song explains the unexplainable love of God towards man. Thank You, Lord.

Karl Kevin Manabat


Nothing could change me

But love and mercy.

Your love, dear Lord, has conquered me.

O, we were once sinners. We rebelled, even mocked and cursed Him. But only His great, great love and His mercy could change us. He died for us, His enemy, and even saved us! O, brothers and sisters, let us not return to the vain manner of life He has redeemed us from! This hymn really touches me, the Lord really loves us! Let us love Him back!

janet maagad

Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Thank YOU so much Lord for Your unconditional love. You died just for me. No one can replace YOU. YOU inspired me a lot.

pilar contreras

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Aleluya por el inmenzo amor de nuestro amado seor Jesus.

jul erving

Church In Ozamiz City(bagakay District), Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Hallelujah, how big is the love of our Lord Jesus to us that He died to redeemed us from the eternal condemnation. How marvelous!!

young people of church in villasis

Yillasis, Pangasinan, Philippines

Lord, thank You for loving us even though we are sinners, and your enemy, still You loved us. Thank You for Your death. Lord, we just want to say that we love You with all our heart. This song reminds us how the Lord really loves us. May our heart is always for the Lord, our first love should be for the Lord.


North Carolina, United States

What a wonderful song!

Lord, you loved us so very long! With a love enduring and strong! Thank You for this never failing love!

The Lord just waited and prayed as we sinned and sinned and sinned. He didn't scold, he waited and prayed. What a wonderful loving Christ that we have!

I remember trying and failing to hold back tears at my sixth grade conference as we sang this song. Oh Lord! I mocked and cursed You, sinned against You, and You waited, loved, and prayed! Your love has conquered me!

Chloe Duros

California, United States

One little turn and You were there, waiting for me with Your loving care.

These words continually encourage and supply me every single day. The Lord speaks these words to me in every situation I face. We all need to be constantly reminded that all it takes is ONE LITTLE TURN and He is there waiting to care for us. All it takes is that one little turn and He is able to work Himself into us more. This is all He requires of us, to be open and to turn to Him in every situation. Praise the Lord, He does the rest!

anisha ruelos

Pagadian City, Mindanao, Philippines

Lord, thank You for Your death on the cross. Lord, even though I was Your enemy, You love me and You died on the cross just to save me. Lord, Your death on the cross was a big and wonderful accomplishment!!!!! Amen! I love You, Lord Jesus!


London, United Kingdom