What love Thou hast bestowed on us

Maegan James

Belton, TX, United States

Oh Lord Jesus!!


Orlando, FL, United States

ABBA Father we love You!


Beijing, China






Robert Maniaci

Chicago, Illinois, United States


Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Father we love you!



Amen praise the Lord we so blessed we are the sons of God.


Arcadia, California, United States

Amen, praise to OUR Abba Father.


1 What love Thou hast bestowed on us,

We thank Thee from our heart;

Our Father, we would worship Thee

And praise for all Thou art.

2 Thy heart Thou hast revealed to us,

Made known th’ eternal will;

Within the Son Thou hast come forth,

Thy purpose to fulfill.

3 Thou gavest Thy beloved Son

In love to come and die,

That we may be Thy many sons,

As heirs with Him, made nigh.

4 Through Him we have Thy very life

And Thou our Father art;

Thy very nature, all Thyself,

Thou dost to us impart.

5 Thy Spirit into ours has come

That we may “Abba” cry;

Of Spirit born, with Spirit sealed,

To be transformed thereby.

6 The many sons to glory brought

Is Thine eternal goal,

And to Thy Son’s own image wrought,

Thou wilt conform the whole.

7 Throughout Thy transformation work

Thou dost direct each one,

From glory unto glory bring

Until the work is done.

8 What love Thou, Father, hast bestowed;

We’ll ever grateful be;

We’ll worship Thee forevermore

And praise unceasingly.

Charie Dalmacio

San Pablo, Ca, United States


John Cho

Ann Arbor, MI, United States

Lord You loved us so much. Your love was bestowed deeply on us, in such a rich way!

Thank You Lord.