All that we were—our sin, our guilt

All that we were—our sin, our guilt,
  Our death—was all our own:
All that we are we owe to Thee,
  Thou God of grace alone.
Thy mercy found us in our sins,
  And gave us to believe;
Then, in believing, peace we found,
  And in Thy Christ we live.
All that we are, as saints on earth,
  All that we hope to be,
When Jesus comes and glory dawns,
  We owe it all to Thee.
O God, how rich, how vast Thy love,
  Whoe’er can Thee repay?
Thy love is past man’s finding out,
  Thy grace no man can say.
But Lord, to me I pray Thee grant,
  More clearly may I see,
That I may e’er more fully know
  How much I owe to Thee.
But if man’s heart should e’er suppose
  He could repay Thy love,
It only means he nothing knows
  Of love, all loves above.
So may we never bargains make
  With that dear love of Thine:
The love that made Thine heart once break,
  Whoe’er that love could win?
Then nevermore suggest return,
  His love is far too high;
But let our hearts with rapture burn
  That He for us should die.
O Father God, we owe Thee all!
  All that we are and have!
With grateful thanks before Thee fall,
  ’Tis all that we can give.