A higher view

Prod me with Your loving hands,
Stir me from my deep impasse.
I long to flee this stagnant rut;
My soul, my prison, deadened lot,
Which end is just to taste Your wrath;
So set me on the narrow path.
Thorns and thistles may line this road
But it leads me to the mutual abode.

Lift me up with Your mighty hand
Above this frenzied earthly land.
Set me on the mount to see
What the world can offer me;
Till I see the vanity from on high
And earthly desires I bid goodbye
And set my eyes on You.


There are times the world seems to offer me so many attractions. But Lord, set me on the mount to see that whatever the world offers are just "dung". How wonderful that we are the faith people, of whom the corrupted world is not worthy. Only the holy city of God, New Jerusalem, is worthy to have us. Hallelujah! (Heb. 11:38 fn 1)


Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Thank God for giving us a higher view. We'll all be dead to the world, biding goodbye to all that the world offers. God, I love You.

Lovely Granada

Gen. Santos City, South Cotabato, Philippines

Oh Lord, thank You for this higher view. May I finally bid goodbye to this world. May all the saints especially the young people see the world as a waste and nothing... and come make business with the Lord!

christina y

Bellevue, WA

I just recently came back from my first high school retreat, and now this song has so much more meaning... the Lord really lifted me up, and showed me that nothing on this earth is worth wasting our time on. Lord now I can genuinely say that "earthly desires I bid goodbye, and set my eyes on You"! Lord Jesus I love You!

Estelita Prestza

Vancouver, Bc, Canada

I really love to sing this song. It reminds me when I was captured by the Lord in the young people's meeting in the Philippines. How I love the Lord so much. Lord! I love You till Your coming back. Amen!

Jhovanissa Obut Aclao

Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

I really love this song. LORD, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...


Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

set my eyes just on You Lord, world is nothing, my all is for Your economy. my glorious Bridegroom, come soon... come soon.. hallelujah...

jovily anob

Davao, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines

Every time I hear this song all my problems are gone because our Lord Jesus Christ is always guide us to the right way. Oh Lord Jesus! Hallelujah! ptl! Amen.

abelardo soriano

Malabon, Philippines

Amen! Praise the Lord! I bid goodbye to the world and set my eyes on You, Lord!


Beaverton, Oregon, United States

Oh Lord Jesus! We just need to turn to You no matter what the world can give to us because it's just vanity and it doesn't give us the real joy. Our real Joy is You Lord. This song reminds me of the young people in Southern Philippines. I missed singing this with them with an overflowing heart fully consecrated to the Lord.