A higher view

Prod me with Your loving hands,
Stir me from my deep impasse.
I long to flee this stagnant rut;
My soul, my prison, deadened lot,
Which end is just to taste Your wrath;
So set me on the narrow path.
Thorns and thistles may line this road
But it leads me to the mutual abode.

Lift me up with Your mighty hand
Above this frenzied earthly land.
Set me on the mount to see
What the world can offer me;
Till I see the vanity from on high
And earthly desires I bid goodbye
And set my eyes on You.
brecini faith tan

Zamboanga, Philippines

Lord, lift us up into the mountain that we may see the vision of Your economy! Lord, we just want to see and look away unto You!



My Lord knows how I easily backslide from His dear presence. How I need Him to prod me with His loving hand, that I may turn away from everything else unto Jesus!


Manila, Philippines

"Prod me with Your loving hands...

Stir me from my deep impasse...

Lift me up with Your mighty hand..."

Lord, You know my condition. Only You can save and lift me away from the world. Lift me higher and higher in my experience of You. Even make my eyes clear enough to see all the world's vanity...Just set my eyes on You.

Vu Huynh

HCMC, Vietnam

Hallelujah! Amen!!!

lea aldiano

Mandaue City, Cebu, Phils.

Amen! I really love this song. The more I sing this song, the more I love the Lord and the church. HALLELUJAH!

Elna Sy

Anaheim, CA, U.S.A.

I like this song because it reminds me to consecrate myself to the Lord.


I like this song because it shows me see the thing that before I never thought.

Reymar Yu Endrinal

Iligan City, Philippines

Why I like this song? Because it is the most encouraging song I ever encounter before I was a believer in Christ...

Davidson Hicks

Naic, Cavite

I like this song because when every time I heard this it's cause me to love the Lord and experience Christ through hymn that's why I love this song.