Be King over all these

In study and work,
Save me from self-ambition.
Peer pressure,
Corp’rate ladders,
Lord, don’t let these distract me!
How shall I be spending my time?
What to do? When to start? Where to go?
  Be King over all these.
Keep me in the covert of the precipice. (S.S. 2:14)
Head up
All things
In Christ. (Eph. 1:10)
Be King over all aspects of my life.
In family life,
Save me from trying to please man.
Filial duties,
Financial burdens,
Lord, keep my joy amidst these!
What of these health conditions?
How to share? How to bear? How to care?
In the church life,
Save me from natural zeal.
“Strange fire,” (Lev. 10:1)
Cultural standards,
Lord, replace these for the oneness!
How shall I shepherd another?
What to pray? What to bring? What to say?

Phayathai, Bangkok, Thailand

Amen Lord

Replace all natural things for the oneness