More about Jesus would I know

More about Jesus would I know,
More of His grace to others show;
More of His saving fulness see,
More of His love who died for me.
  More, more about Jesus,
More, more about Jesus;
More of His saving fulness see,
  More of His love who died for me.
More about Jesus let me learn,
More of His holy will discern;
Spirit of God my teacher be,
Showing the things of Christ to me.
More about Jesus; in His Word,
Holding communion with my Lord;
Hearing His voice in every line,
Making each faithful saying mine.
More about Jesus; on His throne,
Riches in glory all His own;
More of His kingdom’s sure increase;
More of His coming, Prince of Peace.
Dawn Citto

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Amen, More about Jesus !! More of Kingdom's sure increase,

More of His Coming, Prince of Peace....


Kano, Nigeria

More of Jesus, never will I have enough of Him. A hymn so soul lifting

Sunkanmi Ewuyemi and

Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria

I sang this hymn right from my dream. I have to come here to search for the full lyrics. What a deep message in "Hearing His voice in every line, making each faithful saying mine". God bless the soul of the writer!!!


Enugu, Nigeria

I woke up this morning with the words of this song in my heart, so I searched it and it indeed has blessed my soul. God bless the team that prepared it for easy access.

Weddy Silomba

Lusaka, Zambia

This is a beautiful hymn that urges me to comfort more to His likeness. May His grace continue to work in my life for service here and in glory, to the praise of His name.

Marie Dimeo-Rady

Hamilton Trenton 08619, NJ, United States

I love singing. Thanks for your help.

Paul Challoner

Haslingden, Lancashire, United Kingdom

A wonderful hymn giving Glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I first sang this hymn in my earlier years at our local Brethern Assembly, now at age 81 it it still brings much confort when hearing it. We don’t hear many of these quality hymns these days. God bless those who record them for posterity.

Adeolu Opadeji

Lagos, Nigeria

The true knowledge of Jesus Christ we knowledge, the true worship we give Him.


Lagos, Nigeria

More of this. Praise God.

Ann Mwangi

Nairobi, Kenya

i heard this song first more than thirty years ago at age of six, could not get its real words and message, I have searched it and sung it. Its real, Jesus is the more and more we need if our life rest is vanity. Jesus I trust in You!