Divine anointing in me dwelleth

Divine anointing in me dwelleth,
  And it teaches me all things;
It ever leads me in the Lord to live
  And to me His presence brings.
  In my spirit the anointing dwells,
O the anointing dwells and
  teaches everything;
In my spirit the anointing dwells
  And ever teaches everything.
It is the moving of the Spirit
  Gracious as the ointment pure;
’Tis based upon the sprinkling of the blood,
  And it ever shall endure.
With God’s own essence it anoints me,
  God to know subjectively,
That I may have His very element
  Fully saturating me.
’Tis by this inner life-anointing
  I in fellowship may move;
In God, the light of truth, I’m walking,
  And the love of grace I prove.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Thanh Le

San Francisco, California, United States

Praise the Lord for this inner life-anointing which ever leads me to live and to walk by the Spirit.

Anna Chen

Denton, TX, United States

Thank You Father for the anointing Spirit indwells us! Teaches us everything! That we may know God's very element is fully saturating us! Hallelujah!


California, United States

Amen Lord! Paint Yourself into us as the consummated One!