Where the sprinkling of the blood is

Where the sprinkling of the blood is,
  There the ointment doth remain;
Man in touch with God thus bringing,
  These the fellowship maintain.
Blood, the emblem of redemption,
  Cleansing all the sins away;
Ointment, symbol of the Spirit,
  Bringing God to man for aye.
Blood doth speak of what God worketh,
  Ointment, what He is for us;
By His work and by His person
  God Himself is blent with us.
By the blood of Christ’s redemption
  We are cleansed from all alloy;
By th’ anointing of the Spirit
  God Himself we may enjoy.
By the cleansing and anointing
  We with God are kept in one;
By the blood and by the ointment
  God, our portion full, is won.
We in faith must claim the cleansing
  When we need the precious blood,
Ever to obey th’ anointing,
  Thus to live and walk with God.
God as light we’ll then be knowing,
  God experience as love,
And in God as life e’er growing,
  God as power we will prove.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.