Praise the Lord, who firmly joined us

Praise the Lord, who firmly joined us
  Unto the Anointed One.
Thus we all have been anointed
  With th’ anointing of the Son.
Now in Christ, in the anointing,
  We are the anointed ones.
Oh, how blessed is this ointment
  Poured upon the many sons!
Hallelujah, the anointing
  Unto us God’s essence brings;
It is now abiding in us,
  And it teaches us all things.
We’re the Lord’s peculiar treasure,
  Purchased by His precious blood.
He has put His seal upon us,
  We are those marked out by God.
Day by day we’re under sealing,
  That we may His likeness share.
By the impress of His Person
  We will Jesus’ image bear.
Now we have the pledge, the foretaste,
  Of the Christ we soon will see.
We are longing for the full taste—
  God, our feast eternally.
God has wrought us for this purpose,
  Giving us the earnest here,
Guarantee of full enjoyment
  Of our Lord Himself, so dear.
The anointing, seal, and earnest—
  In our spirit are all three.
Such a wondrous, blest deposit
  God has given you and me.

Louisiana, United States

The Christ = the Anointed One. It seems like when John said we have an anointing he meant the Anointed One is active in us. The Lord is now the Spirit & we have this Spirit so active in us. He is not just sitting idle in us. Praise the Lord the anointing lives in me.

Alicia Hernandez

Austin, Texas

Amen!!! Oh Lord!!! Hallelujah!!! We are the anointed ones in Christ Jesus!!!