How wonderful redemption is


Tempe, AZ, United States

How wonderful redemption is,

My gracious Lord, in Thee!

Christopher Burk

Seattle, Washington, United States

Since we’re Thy Body, Thou may come and settle down in us; in us Thou may obtain Thy home. And we become Thy trust.

Amen and how wonderful redemption is!

David Beach

Upper Marlboro, MD, United States

We found a chorus in an online hymnal that was:

How wondrous redemption is,

New creation glorious.

Effective through eternal ‘tis

All worthy of our praise.

Prior to finding this, a local sister translated this for us, and we got into the habit of singing this way:

Oh, how wond’rous redemption is,

New creation, how glorious!

Full, complete and effective,

Ever worthy of our praise!

You can try singing both, to find which you prefer singing.

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Taipei City, Taiwan

Hi saints, anyone has English translation of Chinese corresponding chorus for this hymn? Thank you!

Jose Gilberto

El Salvador

Gracias . amados hermanos. es una bendición

Sister Xu


How wonderful redemption is,

My gracious Lord, in Thee!

Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

Thank You for Your death.

Theo Williamson

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

1 How wonderful redemption is,

My gracious Lord, in Thee!

Not seen, nor heard, nor e’er conceived

What Thou hast done for me!

Thou art divine, mysterious,

Beyond my grandest phrase!

Redemption is so marvellous,

Beyond all pow’r to praise!

2 For us Thou on the Cross wast pierced,

And blood and water streamed;

That life divine be giv’n to us,

That we may be redeemed.

Thy precious blood has made us clean,

That we accepted be;

Regenerated by Thy life,

We now are one with Thee.

3 Thou art the grain divine that died

The many grains to bear,

Which, blent and formed, Thy Body are.

And all Thy nature share.

We are the increase of Thyself,

And Thou our content art;

Through us Thou livest and dost move

And manifested art.

4 Since we’re Thy Body, Thou may come

And settle down in us;

In us Thou may obtain Thy home

And we become Thy trust.

Thy heart to satisfy and please,

We are Thy counterpart,

Now in one Body with Thyself,

Enjoying all Thou art.

5 While in remembrance now we meet

And here the symbols see,

For Thy redemption great and full

We’re filled with praise to Thee.

Since we are made Thy Body, Lord,

Thy dwelling place and bride,

We would give thanks and worship Thee

And in Thy praise abide.

Caleb Jansen

Atlanta, GA, United States

We are Thy counterpart!! How precious! The Lord chose us to be His counterpart!!

Victor Olusegun Solomon

London, United Kingdom

Redemption is so mysterious. I only saw it outwardly but Christ suffered more inwardly on our behalf (Psalm 22 v4). Thank You Lord for redemption.