Mary poured out her love offering

Mary poured out her love offering
To many such love was a waste.
Throughout all of the centuries
Such lovers Your sweetness do taste.
Precious lives and heart treasures, too
Positions and golden futures,
Have been “wasted” on You, Lord;
Your sweetness a fragrance so sure.
She took opportunity
To love You; Lord, with her best.
Like her, Lord, I too would pour
My love and all that I have.
As I love You I set my being—
My spirit, my soul and body.
With my heart, my mind, and my strength,
Absolutely on Thee.
Lord, I let my entire being
Be occupied by Thee
As I enter in Your heart
I sense a fellowship sweet.
Occupied and lost in You;
My Lord, You’re my everything.
Fellowship so intimate;
In spirit Lord I enjoy Thee.
Lord there’s none in heav’n nor on earth
That I desire but Thee.
Though my heart and flesh faileth, Lord,
Thou ever my portion will be.
All is vanity, all is dung;
I count all other things loss;
Everything else drains my love
But You have captured my heart.
Lord, I’ve seen Thy preciousness,
Thy worth, Thy reality.
Now, my Lord, I must confess
My heart is only for Thee.
Eunice Garcia

NY, United States

This is like a dream. My 10th yr. anniversary with the Lord is approaching in 09'. I truly am grateful, as I count what I gave up to pursue after Him all dung. Although recently I had become distracted but I thank the Lord, who always draws us back to Himself, for His mercy on us. I fell back and it was hard to admit but praise the Lord for the shinning and for the blood! Lord Jesus, I just offer a fresh consecration to You right now. I love You Lord. We love You Lord. AMEN


Virac, Catanduanes, Philippines

It has been a long time when I was saved on July 11, 2001. For these 7 years in the church life I'm so thankful and blessed. I experience the Lord in His all-inclusiveness. 17-year old honeymoon stage with two companions in my college years, a sister and a brother we pursue to gain Christ with the saints, also in Overcomers Club, Campus work Catanduanes State Colleges. I never expected that we can join the Full-Time Training in Malabon. Despite our condition in the family (I have eight brothers and eight sisters in the flesh including me), I remember that we must cut our emotional ties with them. Our friends said to us "Oh what a waste you three." You have already finished your college degree. What are you doing there wasting your time, energy, and lives. For two years in the training: "Oh What a JOY!" It's priceless. May the Lord grant us more Marys in this age who pour out their love offerings. Amen.

Earlin Thimbriel

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Praise the Lord! Like Mary too I want to break my alabaster, so that there is no refills, Lord, make your hope in my heart, I love you Lord Jesus! Saints, pray, go to the meetings, read your Bible, keep your fire burning for the Lord. AMEN!


Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Wow! This song just shows how much we need to love the Lord. Look at Mary. She is indeed pouring her love to the Lord, sacrificing everything that she has. Not many people can do that. Brothers and sisters, we need to love the Lord like Mary. May God have mercy on us.

Ariel Ting

Hamilton, New Zealand

The first time i heared this song i was so touched. O, Lord Jesus! I want to take the opportunity to also love You with all that i have.

Precy Dumanjug

Makati City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

I really love to sing the song," Mary Poured Out Her Love Offering".It reminds me a lot when I first consecrated myself to the Lord...I am captured by His beauty..Lord Jesus I really,really love You..My dear saints,He is our True love.We must always call on Him...Amen!

Esther Lee

Folsom, CA, United States

Jesus said to share the story of Mary with others when we preach the Gospel..

After seeing how precious the Lord Jesus is to Mary, and how she was so willing to pour everything she had on Him, how can you help but realize the vanity of the world?

This song is such a genuine prayer, and really speaks against the cultural values of this world. What a shame to the enemy.

What a testimony for the Lord..


North Shore, New Zealand

Wow, we need to see how precious the Lord is! That we would pour our everything on Him! Lord I must confess, my heart is only for Thee!!!


Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Mary pour out her love offering on the Lord Jesus is not a waste. Positions, golden futures, and her every preciousness is been wasted upon the Lord whom she loved.

April M. Atencio

Caloocan, Philippines

All of us should be like Mary, who poured out her love offering to our Lord Jesus Christ. She gave all her best and everything for the Lord.

Like Mary we should pour everything for the Lord, even we have the most precious things, positions and golden futures all of these are vanity because nothing can compare with the preciousness of our Lord Jesus!

"Lord Jesus preserve my first and best love to You, occupy my entire being, Lord You are my everything!"

National Summer School of Truth in Sydney, Australia