Pow’r exceeding great God did demonstrate

Pow’r exceeding great God did demonstrate
  When He raised His Son from the dead.
May this pow’r we see, with it strengthened be,
  And in resurrection life be led.
  Power, power, resurrection power,
    Energize us mightily within!
  Power, power, resurrection power,
    Energize us in the inner man!
Pow’r exceeding high God did magnify
  When He raised His Son far above all.
Principalities, pow’rs, and majesties
  At the name of Jesus Christ must fall.
  Power, power, all-transcending power,
    Elevate us mightily within!
  Power, power, all-transcending power,
    Elevate us in the inner man!
Pow’r surpassing too, all things to subdue
  Has been given to Christ, pow’r complete.
We His Body are; so, hallelujah,
  Everything must be beneath our feet!
  Power, power, all-subduing power,
    All-subjecting mightily within!
  Power, power, all-subduing power,
    All-subjecting to the inner man!
And the best of all, overruling all,
  O’er all to the church Christ is Head.
Pow’r so glorious over all’s to us;
  To the highest place the church is led.
  Power, power overruling power,
    Ruling over all, without, within!
  Power, power, overruling power,
    Ruling, reigning, through the inner man!

Champaign, IL, United States

We sang this at the Midwest College training! So good!


National City, California, United States

Today the church is the depository of the resurrection power of Christ. What is the Holy Spirit doing today? He is manifesting the resurrection power of Christ through the church. All the problems are over now. The Lord said that the gates of Hades cannot prevail against the church. Personally, I believe that the gates here refer to all the gates of Hades. They are all open to the church, and they cannot prevail against the church because Hades represents death, and the church represents resurrection. This is the reason the church is victorious. Whether or not the Lord has a way on earth today is not a matter of changing our behavior or knowing some truth. Some must be ready to pay the price to know resurrection, to know the Holy Spirit, and to know the church.When we know these things, the church will have a glorious testimony. (The Collected Works of Watchman Nee, vol. 59, pp.86-88)