Mary poured out her love offering

Mary poured out her love offering
To many such love was a waste.
Throughout all of the centuries
Such lovers Your sweetness do taste.
Precious lives and heart treasures, too
Positions and golden futures,
Have been “wasted” on You, Lord;
Your sweetness a fragrance so sure.
She took opportunity
To love You; Lord, with her best.
Like her, Lord, I too would pour
My love and all that I have.
As I love You I set my being—
My spirit, my soul and body.
With my heart, my mind, and my strength,
Absolutely on Thee.
Lord, I let my entire being
Be occupied by Thee
As I enter in Your heart
I sense a fellowship sweet.
Occupied and lost in You;
My Lord, You’re my everything.
Fellowship so intimate;
In spirit Lord I enjoy Thee.
Lord there’s none in heav’n nor on earth
That I desire but Thee.
Though my heart and flesh faileth, Lord,
Thou ever my portion will be.
All is vanity, all is dung;
I count all other things loss;
Everything else drains my love
But You have captured my heart.
Lord, I’ve seen Thy preciousness,
Thy worth, Thy reality.
Now, my Lord, I must confess
My heart is only for Thee.

Manila, Philippines

If you love the Lord, there is no waste of anything you have, we can pour all out everything to Him like Mary did.

Piilani Smith-Kozibroda

Kapolei, Hawaii, United States

I love you Dear Jesus with all of my heart. I praise Your holy name. I give You thanks and praise for each day that get to live. Thank You Jesus for dying on that cross for me. Thank You, thank You. You have kept me alive all these through my 3 times breast cancer bouts. And my stroke. I am still alive. Praise Your holy name. Thank You. Without You, I would not have made this far. I will trust and love You forever. Thank You Dear Jesus. I love You. I give You all the praise. Love, Your daughter.

Corena Wang

Berkeley, California, United States

I love You Lord with all my heart. I don't want to have my own opinions, I just want to continue loving You. You are the resurrection and life, this is the reality and truth without doubt, I love You and believe who You are and all You can.

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, we've seen Thy preciousness, Thy worth, Thy reality. Now, our Lord, we must confess our heart is only for Thee.


Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

No reserves, no retreats, no regrets. - William (Bill) Borden


Valenzuela, NCR, Philippines

We can be the Mary's of today! PTL!


San Antonio, Texas, United States

That I could pour my love on You Jesus, just as Mary did.

Nelson Liu

Irvine, California, United States

Lord, I count all other things loss. Lord, You have captured my heart. Lord, I’ve seen Thy preciousness, Thy worth, Thy reality. Lord, I must confess that my heart is ONLY FOR THEE!!!

Fudiana Cu

Jakarta, West Jakarta, Indonesia

Lord, I want let my entire being be occupied by Thee.

Selah Pb

Cagayan De Oro City, Mis. Or., Philippines


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