God wants someone to love Him

God wants someone to love Him,
Not just someone to serve Him;
He wants someone to love Him
    As His bride.
God wants someone to match Him,
Not just to imitate Him;
He wants a counterpart,
    One from His side.
  For this He came down to us,
He came to court, to woo us,
Away from everything, and unto Him.
Now we’re espoused unto Him,
Pledged and betrothed unto Him;
Yes, we are bound unto Him by His love.
God wants someone to love Him,
Not just someone to fear Him;
He wants a sweetheart who will
    Be His bride.
God wants someone to know Him,
Not just to know about Him,
He wants someone who’ll look Him
    In the eye.
Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

We love You Lord!


Irvine, CA, United States

Lord we want to love You as Your bride.

Nelson Liu

San Juan Capistrano, CA, United States

Lord, we want to love You!!


NY, United States

"Nothing but love can keep us in a proper relationship with the Lord...." I recall Bro Dick Taylor asking this question in one of the conferences... "do you want to love the Lord more? Just let Him love you... let Him forgive you..." For this we need quiet time to spend with the Lord so we can develop a "personal, private, intimate, spiritual, and affectionate relationship" with our dear lovely Bridegroom. Lord Jesus we love You... gain this in us for Your delight and satisfaction...

Matthew and Jonathan

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord we want to know You and love You!

Lewis kobbina

Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China

God, I am available as a building material for Your building. Strengthen me to enjoy you more.

Monica Knoph

Malden, Massachusetts, United States

Oh How sweet that Jesus wants His sweetheart!! The Church!



Amen our Beloved LORD, we want You, we want Your smiling eyes.. Possess & Seal us to You, how long O our LORD & our God..

Curtis/Katerina P.... Heimberg

Corvallis, Oregon, United States


Totally unexpected, God The Father asked someone to marry Him, in 2007, late in 2007. She said yes, but not instantly. He reassured her twice she was up to it. On the third day, she trusted Him, and said yes. It is complicated.

Manny Torres

Palm Desert, CA

Praise the Lord:).... Amen A Match You:) Gain Lord, Gain HER :) !!!!