Objective and subjective Christ is to us

Objective and subjective Christ is to us,
In heaven He’s pleading objectively thus;
Subjectively now in His members He lives
And inwardly to them His being He gives.
In heaven He sits at the right hand of God,
Where as the High Priest He presented His blood;
Our Advocate, bearing our burdens above,
Our Surety, He careth for us in His love.
He now is the Spirit, our spirit within;
He’s there as our life, all things bringing with Him;
He’s there as our strength and our grace every hour,
Our Paraclete in us, sustaining with pow’r.
In heaven for us He’s the glorified man,
The Forerunner entered, fulfilling God’s plan;
Man into God bringing and making him one
With God in the heav’nlies, in Him as the Son.
In us all the fulness of God dwells in Him;
As Spirit He brings God Himself thus within,
Revealing and making God real unto us,
God one with us building in life glorious.
The Savior ascended in heaven now dwells,
And soon He’s returning for us His Word tells;
Deliverer indwelling, He now in us lives,
And soon will transfigure, His glory to give.
The day soon is coming when heaven and earth
Will mingle in one in that city of worth;
Objective and subjective will in that day
Be mingled within us in glory for aye.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Brother Jeff Hall

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

This hymn became subjective to my spirit this morning! Just imagine the reality of being glorified with Christ in the mingling of the spirit and in the New Jerusalem. This should motivate us be overcoming saints, Halleluia!

Fred B Northrup

Crescent City, CA, United States

This is great for Zoom meetings! Also wonderful for learning the hymns we don't know to have the singing. Thank you to whoever is responsible for this service to the Body!

Dave Wilde

San Antonio, TX, United States

The singing is wonderful and timely! Praise the Lord for this wonderful hymn!

Melissa Cartwright

Doraville, GA, United States

Thank you, thank you for adding singing and the choices of piano etc!


London, United Kingdom

Such a rich hymn! I’ve been dwelling on it deeply, and am seeing the objective and subjective work of Christ more clearly than ever.

Hallelujah, what love our Father has for us, and what grace is bestowed on us through Christ’s finished work and what fellowship through the subjective work of His Spirit.


United States

We need Christ on the throne in heaven highly exalted & interceding for us, our Advocate, High Priest, our Surety. We need a Man on the throne completing His heavenly ministry. But we also need the indwelling Christ as our life day by day as the Spirit making God so real to us.

The day is coming when heaven & earth will mingle in one in that city of worth; objective & subjective will in that day be mingled within us in glory for aye.

Rich hymn.