Eat God

In Genesis we see, God’s desire being
For man to eat the tree of life.
After Adam was created, the first thing that God wanted
Was for him to eat but to eat what?
  Eat God, eat the Lord, eat Him in the Holy Word.
He’s the Lamb who reduced Himself, and the tree of life.
Leave your concepts behind and God’s concept you will find:
All He wants is for you to eat Him.
In Exodus we see, God’s desire being
For man to eat the Lamb.
As a creature so small, He’s approachable to all;
This Lamb is God Himself.
Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

No other way... but eat the Lord !!

Ole Jacob Eide

Grimstad, Agder, Norway

What a wonderful thing that we may eat God by taking in His holy Word!

May we always come to You Lord when reading and praying the Bible and find you as the tree of life; good for food!


Keep us eating YOU LORD

Eric Arredondo

Westminster, Colorado, United States

Lord we just want to eat you more and more day by day!!

Lilo Xu

New Zealand

Drop your concepts !!! Eat the tree!!!!!


United States

Amen, we just want to eat You Lord! Feed us day by day!

Jesse Kim

Ulsan, South Korea

Leave you concepts behind and God's concept you will find !

(I've been waiting this song so much)