God wants someone to love Him

God wants someone to love Him,
Not just someone to serve Him;
He wants someone to love Him
    As His bride.
God wants someone to match Him,
Not just to imitate Him;
He wants a counterpart,
    One from His side.
  For this He came down to us,
He came to court, to woo us,
Away from everything, and unto Him.
Now we’re espoused unto Him,
Pledged and betrothed unto Him;
Yes, we are bound unto Him by His love.
God wants someone to love Him,
Not just someone to fear Him;
He wants a sweetheart who will
    Be His bride.
God wants someone to know Him,
Not just to know about Him,
He wants someone who’ll look Him
    In the eye.
Leira Fulgueras

Iligan City, Philippines

God's love truly constrains us! For us to love Him more, we must know Him more! May God cause us to see more of Himself...

Jessica Jiang


Amen! Lord I give You my deepest gratitude for desiring our love!

Jonab Gama

Vitoria Da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil


Mike Walton

Fairborn, Ohio, United States

The highest desire of God is to have a counterpart, a bride for His Son. This the pupil of God's eye. How few of the Lord's people know God's heart.

David Jones

United Kingdom

Oh how we, the church, need to realise the truth in this song. GOD WANTS SOMEONE TO LOVE HIM!


Bangkok, Thailand

My math teacher kept using these kinds of songs for devotion time. At first, I thought this kind of hymns sounds so ancient but when I look up the website and heard this piano, it just sounds so GOOD!

And so, I am going to play this song in chapel for our song:)


San Diego, CA, United States

The Lord wants someone to love Him, not serve Him or fear Him. WE MUST LOVE THE LORD!

Lily Pham

Garden Grove, CA, United States

Amen the Lord loves us, I am just a 11 year old, but when I heard this song, it touched me.


Mandaluyong, Philippines

I want to shout this thing to the whole inhabited earth that I LOVE YOU LORD JESUS. I just love Him and that is because of His economy.

Jacob Faiola

Lafayette, Indiana, United States

Lord, grant us a heart that loves You more!