Lo, the conflict of the ages

Lo, the conflict of the ages
  Is upon us today,
And the forces of rebellion
  Are in total array.
The humanity of Jesus
  Now the saints must possess,
His true image and dominion
  On the earth to express.
  Let us stand up in Jesus
  In His full human life,
Human virtues prevailing
  ’Gainst corruption so rife;
In this wickedness concerted,
In this age perverse, perverted,
The humanity of Jesus
    Must the church now display.
Lo, how Satan came to damage
  Human life on the earth;
But the Lord in all this ruin
  Raised a man full of worth!
From the seed of the woman
  God incarnate became
The man Jesus—the last Adam—
  To destroy Satan’s aim!
It’s by calling, drinking, eating
  The man Jesus today,
His humanity enjoying
  Bruises Satan each day.
To the Lord we must be turning,
  All our soul life deny,
To destroy all Satan’s working
  And the new man supply.
See the ruin of a nation
  Going downward in sin;
All humanity is fallen
  And corrupted within.
But as children of the kingdom
  We are salting the earth;
His humanity preserves us
  In the midst of such dearth.
Cody Enderli

San Marcos, TX, United States

To the Lord we must be turning,

All our soul life deny,

Rev 12:11: They Overcame by the Blood of the Lamb, the Word if their Testimony and they loved not their soul-life unto death!

The Humanity of Jesus, must the Church now display!

Bramwel Barasa Masika

Nairobi, Kenya

What a song! Wow! What a feeling! The song makes me ponder about my life with Christ Jesus. Dedication to Christ is for our spiritual nourishment.

Steve Miller

Detroit, Michigan, United States

This tune was written by Lelia Naylor Morris for her hymn, "The Conflict of the Ages" in 1912. - cyberhymnal


Ontario, Canada

His humanity enjoying bruises Satan each day!

Let us stand up in Jesus in His full human life... Lord, make this our reality... the reality of the full grown man! His true image and dominion on the earth to express.


Buda, TX, United States

I love this hymn because it is my experience, and no one can argue with that. He is coming, He is coming!