The scribes and Pharisees all thought

The scribes and Pharisees all thought
A leader great would come.
So they to John the Baptist came
To ask if he’s the One.
“Art thou the Coming One?” they asked,
To which he made reply:
“I’m not the Christ—I am not He—
A voice, that’s all, am I.”
And on the morrow, John stood there
And spoke to two or three.
And as he lifted up his eyes,
He then did Jesus see.
He said, “Behold the Lamb of God,
’Tis He Who walks this way.
He’s here to take the sins of all
And bear them all away!”
Yet poor religion counted not
These things of any worth,
But seeking for a leader great
It lingered on in dearth;
And looking for a movement strong,
Continued in its strife.
Preoccupied with all these things,
They missed the Lord of LIFE!
Religion is Christ’s enemy,
It’s even so today.
For though they name Him, should He come,
They’d put the Lord away.
They did it then, they’d do it now,
They’d miss the Lord again.
So let us seek the Lord Himself,
The lamb, the dove obtain.
Now in the Lord’s recovery
We’re drawn to Christ alone.
The Spirit as the gentle dove
Has found in us a home.
Let all religion turn away
To movements wide and great;
This testimony of Himself
Our Lord will vindicate!