Come, Lord Jesus

As we become the same as Christ
In life, nature, expression, and function,
We are qualified to work with Him
For His Body.
As we trust in the Lord helplessly,
Depend on Him as our love and strength,
And listen to His speaking,
Our hope is to be raptured
Through the redemption of our body.
  And our prayer is—
“Come, Lord Jesus!”
And our prayer is—
“Come, Lord Jesus!”
“Come, Lord Jesus!
Lord Jesus, come!”
Wendy :) Risso

Rockville, Md, United States

and my prayer is come Lord Jesus!


United States

Amen. Come Lord Jesus!

I am realizing what a need there is for a vision! We need to pray each morning during our personal time with the Lord for a vision! A vision to focus on throughout the day. We need to pray that we and all the saints would be useful and active that day. We cannot be passive! There have been many passive Christians in the past, but that is just not acceptable now. We are part of a new age that will bring the Lord Jesus back! We cannot be passive.

I am finding that choosing a verse or two in Revelation and pray reading them every morning is really changing my daily life. We are not just pursuing, we are pursuing toward the goal! I pray that all saints, especially the young people, realize this!

I am a young person, but that doesn't mean I have the right to be passive! Reading "The worlds situation and Gods move" helped me realize that as an American young person in the church life, I have a big responsibility!

Bro. Brent Lloyd

Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

Hallelujah!!! We must be prepared for His coming back. And our prayer must be COME LORD JESUS!!! AMEN!

Samuel Chiu

Zamboanga City, Philippines

And our prayer is "COME, LORD JESUS!!!, COME, LORD JESUS!!!"

Jijing Manon-og

Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Praise the Lord, I like this song because it reminds me how much I'm close to the Lord, and how much I love the Lord through this song.


Knoxville, TN, United States

I love this song. It touches my heart so dearly!

mj kibo-kibo

Quezon City, Philippines

I like this song because it refreshes my love toward our Lord Jesus. Whenever I sing this song I cry deep within for longing for His appearing. Amen.

Brother Mamay Pabillore

Ozamiz City, Missamis Occedintal, Philippines

HALLELUJAH SAINTS! "We need Christ to receive the kingdom from God and come to crush all the beasts in us and then to become a great mountain that comprises us and that fills the whole earth to be the kingdom of God." [ICBM] AMEN.


Hamilton, NJ, United States

Praise the Lord....We await Your coming Lord, that we will be fully matured in You, possessing Your life and nature...oh keep us longing, Lord! You are our everything.

Kathy N.

Cypress, United States

We sang this song during a College Conference in Anaheim.. I just remember weeping and truly yearning for the Lord's return. You just sensed the same feeling in the entire building. So many young people eagerly awaiting the Lord's return! And our prayer is Come, Lord Jesus! Lord Jesus, Come!