Lord Jesus Christ my sole desire

Lord Jesus Christ my sole desire,
My heart is fixed, alone, on Thee.
Among ten thousand Thou art peerless;
Chiefest of all art Thou to me.
Thy matchlessness and worth surpassing,
Transcend all else exceedingly.
Oh, how supreme and prepossessing,
Is Thine unrivaled love to me.
My life-long quest is just to know Thee
Till more and more subjectively,
I would arrive at the full knowledge,
Of all the excellence of Thee.
Since the first day that I beheld Thee
I’ve longed to know Thee ever more
My heart doth love Thee most supremely
Thy preciousness, Lord, I adore.
Lost in Thee, Lord, I gaze intently
Drawn from all else to look away,
Thou, Magnet of my soul, hast charmed me
Far more today than yesterday.
I’m captivated by Thy beauty,
Incomp’rable Thou art to me.
Counting all things as loss and refuse,
I’d pay the price of gaining Thee.
My daily goal and aim—to win Thee,
For this I press on desperately,
Forgetting all that is behind me
And stretching forward earnestly.
Toward this goal I’m pressing onward
That I may lay hold of the Prize,
Gain me in full that I may gain Thee
Thy peerlessness to realize.
Not I alone; we in the Body
Strive to delve into and explore
The rich dimensions of Thy vastness,
Thine endless wealth and treasure store.
When Thou, our Christ, so all-inclusive,
We apprehend, know, and possess
Thine attributes divine, our virtues
Will all Thy fullness thus express.
Thine excellency may we know, Lord,
That Thou, Thy home in us, may make
Till we arrive at Thy full knowledge
And, of Thy riches full, partake.