More of our heart

More of our heart, dear Lord, we’d give You now;
Even more ground to You, Lord, we’d allow.
All that distracts us we’d despise,
All that draws away our eyes—
Lord, do fill our vision
’Til the morning star has risen!
We would count all things loss, but Jesus gain;
Our inward parts cry out for You to reign.
Worthy You are our heart to claim—
Come, engrave on us Your name,
We would love You, Jesus, more.
Less we would argue, Lord, and go our way;
More we would say “Amen” to what You say.
Grant us a walk to You conformed,
’Til our living is transformed.
We adore You, Jesus—
May a pure love for You seize us.
Any unwillingness, Lord, quickly slay;
Even by faith we open all the way—
Rising to heights of love unknown,
Christ our destiny alone,
We would love You, Jesus, more!

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Absolutely, completely worthy You are our heart to claim.


Los Angeles, CA, United States

More we would say “Amen” to what You say!

Matthew and Jonathan

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord gain more ground in our hearts!

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, we say amen!

Melanie Chiu

Brantwood, CA, United States

I was in a prayer meeting earlier this evening, then just a minute ago I was considering watching TV, then this song came up in my heart to become my prayer, Lord More of my heart dear Lord I give You NOW...all that distracts us we'd despise, all that draws away our eyes...Lord fill our vision.

A Sister In Christ

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Dearest Lord, make home in ALL our hearts! Loving You more and more!