Cast all your anxiety on Him

Before you get the answer, you get the Answer;
Before you get the things you ask for, you get the One;
Before you get the object, you get the Person;
Before you get the answer, you get the Lord.
  Cast all your anxiety with Him.
Give them, commit them, throw them once for all.
Throw your whole life with all its cares on Him
Because it matters to Him concerning you.

Hong Kong, NT, Hong Kong

This tells me Jesus comes first. He knows before we ask, He knows what we need, we need to trust Him. I am thankful I can throw my anxieties, my whole life onto Him. He loves us wholly, completely. We have a friend that sticks closer than a brother! Thank You Jesus for the cross.

Val VanOrden

Kalamazoo, MI, United States

Needed that shot in the arm, esp. "before you get the object, you get the Person"...I've been worrying about moving and school, where am I going to live? My marriage is less than perfect...Am casting it all on Jesus...

Caleb Don Crigger

Theodore, Alabama, United States

God blessed the words of this song to me today.

The word...the word...How precious....JESUS my

Lord for ever. Amen

Lin Lan

Kendall Park, NJ, United States

I was very stressed out about school when I listened to this song. I completely forgot about all my worries after this and realized that we all need to see a vision of Christ! Not only can He lessen our burdens, but God cares about us and wants us to turn to Him! Praise the Lord that we are SOOO lucky to have this Friend always there for us!

Evangeline Ngo

Diamond Bar, California, United States

Hallelujah! The answer, the things, the object are nothing compare to the ONE, the PERSON we get which is the Lord Himself-the very ANSWER to all the problem. Amen.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Amen! Before we get the answer, we get the Lord. He comes BEFORE the answer. Sometimes we have to wait on the Lord. We can throw our whole life with its cares on Him. We trust Him.


Athens, Ga, United States

Oh Lord take away all of our anxieties. Cause us to fully trust in You. We don't trust in our situations or circumstances. Lord, we really need You!! Be everything to us. We love You Lord!!!

Rainiere Mabilangan

Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Philippines

Depending on Him in everything, for the Lord our God is the Lord of lords and King of kings, He is the super-abounded One. All the glory and honor is for Him. Amen.

shem galgo

Cebu, Sibonga, Philippines

Amen. Praise the Lord for His economy that we are one Body today. Glory to God. Amen. O LORD JESUS, HALLELUJAH. PRAISE THE LORD.

Chay Dionco

Quezon City, Philippines

We should have this song in our hearts. This tells us how to live in God's kingdom, always full of JOY. Not being anxious about anything. The song tells us how blessed we are for having a loving Father who knows and provides all our needs, even before we ask. Praise the Lord, we don't just have the gift, much more we have the GIVER. We just need to trust HIM our future. HE IS OUR FUTURE. HE IS ALL OUR NEED AND MORE.