Still You Have One Left!

Wherefore fear, your grip to loosen?
Let God’s prophet first be fed.
If God’s caring for your living,
Why concerned when source is spent?
Every day, new needs appearing
Are supplied that day anew;
Since you are His dear creation,
Won’t you let Him plan for you?
  Still You need to love more, give more;
There’s one portion still with thee.
All your loving, all your giving,
Lets God double for your need.
Trust! His timing’s always perfect;
Not too fast, but ne’er behind;
Trust! The bottle and the barrel
Though no excess, ne’er run dry.
E’en if lily lack apparel,
If small bird no food can find,
Yet the widow’s meager barrel
Still has adequate supply.
Why be anxious for tomorrow?
Just rejoice for what you have.
Why tomorrow’s worry borrow?
Have you not one portion left?
Love is life; to give, yet having;
More is sown, more harvested;
When it seems all is exhausted,
Lo! You’ve still one portion left!

Weiser, Idaho, United States

Rebecca, did you find the tune by tapping on the double bars near the top of the page? Also can tap the piano or guitar tabs for the sheet music of the song. Hope this helps.


Salem, Oregon, United States

How do we sing this? Is there a tune? Maybe someone needs to write a new tune?