Rest, rest thee, weary heart

Rest, rest thee, weary heart,
    Let toil and anguish cease;
  Take from Thy Savior’s hands
    Thine heritage of peace.
Lie low before His feet,
    Too low thou canst not be,
  For sacred calm is here,
    And here is liberty.
Submit, lay down thine arms,
    Nor question, nor rebel;
  So shalt thou hear erewhile
    His whisper, It is well.
No secret wound of thine,
    Though it be great or small,
  Presume to hide from Him;
    Confess, confess it all;
Nor merit of thine own
    Upon His altar place;
  All is of Christ alone,
    And of His perfect grace.
Rest, rest thee, weary heart,
    Let care and anguish cease;
  Take from thy Savior’s hands
    Thine heritage of peace.
Ira Hsu

Eugene, OR, United States

Lord, we come to rest in You. Yet we would actively take and enjoy our rich inheritance in Christ...

Too low we cannot be! Lord, at Your feet we would lay, and listen to Your word, receiving grace upon grace...

Lord, bring us to the altar, where all is Christ alone!

Rosita Enriquez

Anaheim, CA, United States

Brother Tim, we need to listen to the spirit of the author and of this hymn. We simply touch the spirit of the author and receive the supply that's there for us.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Tim (11/30/2013), I don't think it means in general not to question, for we should be asking questions, but at times drop our questions and opinions and just listen to what the Lord is saying.


Auckland, New Zealand

I don't really agree… I think we can ask questions...