Consider Him, let Christ thy pattern be

“Consider Him,” let Christ thy pattern be,
And know that He hath apprehended thee
To share His very life, His pow’r divine,
And in the likeness of thy Lord to shine.
“Consider Him”; so shalt thou, day by day,
Seek out the lowliest place, and therein stay,
Content to pass away, a thing of nought,
That glory to the Father’s name be brought.
Shrink not, O child of God, but fearless go
Down into death with Jesus; thou shalt know
The power of an endless life begin,
With glorious liberty from self and sin.
“Consider Him,” and thus thy life shall be
Filled with self-sacrifice and purity;
God will work out in thee the pattern true,
And Christ’s example ever keep in view.
“Consider Him,” and as you run the race,
Keep ever upward looking in His face;
And thus transformed, illumined thou shalt be,
And Christ’s own image shall be seen in thee.
Ray Wiseman

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

This is a marvelous hymn for our hidden life in Him! Recently my wife and I discovered an improvement for singing this hymn...sing it to the tune of "Enter the veil.." This truly is a New Jerusalem hymn.


Kissimmee, FL, United States

Amen!! May we care about Christ and Christ alone.

Patrick Bradley

Tucker, Ga, United States

What a wonderful hymn! Every word and each stanza so well spoken and true.

A jewel of a hymn.