That’s Why I Love Him

What about my sinful past?
And my conscience has no rest.
Deep within I feel the pain.
I’m condemned from all my guilty stains.
O my life of misery,
In this world of vanity,
As I searched for happiness,
My reward I received just emptiness.
God was far away from me,
Great and highest One is He.
Yet You took on humanity.
You came for me,
Hung on a tree,
Bled there to die for me.
  That’s why I love Him.
That’s why I treasure Him.
That’s why I give my life and all to Him.
That’s why I love Him.
That’s why I treasure Him.
That’s why I give my life and all to Him.
Michael Pugrad-Costanza

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

We can love Him because He first loved us! Hallelujah!

Ryan Danek

United States

Can’t help but love Him. Lord keep me loving You more and more.

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

That’s why I love Him!


Cardiff, United Kingdom

Praise the Lord for He first loved us so we can now enjoy Him as our bountiful supply in our daily living. According to the summer training message, He's our master, we will not go out free because He's such an unique one—a master who's not coming to be served but to serve us. Through His serving, we are willing to humble ourselves and take Christ as our pattern to serve in the church life. Thank You Lord Jesus for taking on humanity and being such a pattern! I do love You.


Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Lord Jesus...I love You coz You love me first.

Generuth Elcarte

Pasay City, NCR, Philippines

This is one of my turning song! Thank the Lord for His Body!!! Hallelujah for the Body!! Thank the Lord I'm part of His glorious, wonderful body!!!



I love You Lord!


General Santos, Sarangani, Philippines

Lord, how I thank You...and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


Siquijor, Philippines

Makatandog jud ni nga hym... Salamat Ginoo sa imong gugma namo.. Oh Ginoong Hesus..


NY, United States

This song really touches me especially when I am feeling down about myself. He allows us to confess our sins so that we do not have anymore guilty stains. And He even died for me. That is why I love Him.